Applying for non-RN positions

  1. I'm at my wit's end... I have been graduated from my ADN program for over a year now, just finished my BSN in May and put out over 100+ apps and only had 3 interviews. This summer I've been working as a Camp Nurse, but I can't seem to get my foot in the door anywhere else! I have applied to every nursing home in my area and can't even get a call back from HR regarding the apps. A hospital even sent me an email this week that basically said I should stop applying to their hospital.

    I am at the point where I am convinced that I won't find anything in my area and due to my Fiancee's job, moving out of New England is not an option right now. Is it entirely inappropriate for me to apply for jobs such as a unit secretary? The only requirement is that I have a HS diploma. I am in desperate need of full time work and I'll be SOL as of August 17....
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  3. by   prettymica
    Have you tried home health, doctor's office, urgent care, correctional facility, MDS, or hospice? GOOD LUCK and keep trying !
  4. by   GingerSue
    Are there any nursing agencies in your area (check the yellow pages, or ask around)?
    Have you tried long-term care?
  5. by   mangopeach
    Are you going in person? I think these days, you have to do more than just email or fax resumes. During orientation at my PRN job
    The HR manager gave us her personal cell #. She said she doesn't hardly pay attention to her office phone or emails regarding jobs because she gets tons of applicants that call or email. However if someone takes the time to come in, she will speak to them!

    It pretty much confirmed what folks have been saying here. These days you gotta do some footwork.
  6. by   jhunting
    I have applied to every type of nursing service in my area and as far as LTC i have gone in person for every single application and it seems as though the HR people are never there!! I leave the app with whoever I can, and have been calling the next day and every single time I've had to leave a message and never get a call back... I know my area is very saturated with new grads right now, but I feel like I have run into a number of very unprofessional HR managers.
  7. by   CapeCodMermaid
    A job is a job. Maybe if you're a u it secretary, you'll be in the right place if a nursing job opens up.
  8. by   HouTx
    There's probably no reason why you couldn't take any type of non-clinical job. But most BONs are against RNs working non-RN nursing jobs due to significant liability issues for you and the employer.

    Sorry you're having such a difficult time getting your career started. I hope thins turn around for you soon.
  9. by   BlueSunRise
    Here's what I suggest.
    - Business Analyst for the healthcare sector
    - Project/Product Manager for the IT medical industry
    - Medical Sales

    There are plenty of entry level positions for these job titles (ONLY IF they are related to the medical/health sector... all others will require a business related degree) that require BSN without the RN or just a health science bachelors without any licensure of sorts. You have to think beyond the secretarial, CNA world...
    This may be an opportunity to step into a job that pays 3x better than an RNs job.

    I am speaking from experience as I used to be a healthcare recruiter and on top of it I am a recent nurse grad myself (switched careers)... and I am not upset about the fact that the market is slow because it just gives me the opportunity to experiment in different realms. The idea is to look for the entry level positions... scroll right to the requirements section of each position... also bypass ALL staffing agencies... meaning if you see their names listed next to the job... you don't wanna go there. Trust me on this. They take a huge chunk out of your salary... and you will have to mention their names in your resume instead of who you are really working for... because they are the middle party... should you get a job through staffing. So ignore those... go straight to a list of hospitals and medical sales companies in your area... and go to their career tab... look for ALL positions and see if there is any entry level sales or business side opportunities... scroll to their requirements section.

    Also, look at plasma donation centers... and clinical research centers... they require non-RNs.

    You'd be surprised.

    Instead of using allnurses for further information regarding this particular dilema... hop directly on linkedin and start connecting with medical sales recruiters... only problem is that most work for staffing... so make sure they are corporate medical sales recruiters.. as in that they work for the company you want to apply to directly.

    As a recruiter I found all my top people through linkedin... I felt that Monster was a pile of non-sense content. Recruiters can see right through resumes... if you catered it to the type of job you are applying to , etc.

    Go forth confidently... and don't allow yourself to be passive. You apply on-line and then immediately formulate a packet... cover letter, resume, attached letters of recommendation, any attached copies of licensures... send it to HR for that very position. Lastly, put the title of the position, link, date you applied in your Excel sheet... and keep track.. if you don't hear back in a week... you MUST call or walk over.

    These are my opinions only. Take it with a grain of salt.