RN going to get Adult Residential Care Home business

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    I am very much frustrated looking for a job right now. I have tons of bills line up that needs to pay. Also, I am planning on building my own family. My last plan is to obtain a business such as the Adult Residential Care home. From there I would hire CNAs to help me if I have 5 or more patients. What do you think guys? is this the right path to go? I just graduated May 2012 and passed nclex sept 2012. I have a lot of plan besides family. I also want to have my own house and be a good provider to my family. I just want to hear feedback if I am going to the right path. I am giving myself 5yrs for nursing, I feel like I want to go to business management and start a business venture.
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    Some questions for your consideration? Do you feel that you are qualified to administer full-time residential care while not having ever worked as a nurse?Who will you hire to assist you, since no one can care for 5 patients 24 hours daily, 7 days a week?
    Who will cook the meals, clean the facility? Have you investigated what type of license/permit you might need to operate a residential facility?How will you obtain the money necessary to rent/purchase the site for the home, furnish and equip it, and hire the necessary staff?
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    Thank you for your reply. I have worked as a nursing assistant with my auntie's care home when I was going to nursing school. I've been helping her to take care with her patients. Bath, feed, and prepare their meals. Basically just help out with the ADLs of her patients. I'll be partnering with my uncle who hold a BA degree. My uncle will provide the house, as for the helpers, we are planning on hiring 1 or 2 CNAs to help out for the shift. Since I'm new to this, I'll be taking patient that are not as complicated it can be. In regards to preparing their food. I am very much compassionate on what I do to help out elder people. I love cooking, so preparing their foods is something I can also do for them.I don't know if should I go to Adult residential care home or nursing care home.
  5. by   tewdles
    Go for it! We actually need more safe and competent beds for people who do not have caregivers.
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    I believe that facilities like you wish to start are regulated by State/Federal agencies, so you may want to get a copy of the survey rules & regs. Otherwise it sounds like you just want to rent out rooms with board.

    I would expect that you want to be paid for your services but anything with federal/state monies for paid services (not private pay) undergoes inspections & supervisory surveys. Multiple rentals under one roof may classify you as a Boarding Home with its own mandates.
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    What state are you thinking of opening this facility in? I would be interested in how it goes.
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    I am also VERY interested in this thread. I have been thinking about opening an adult care home and would like any in sight that you have received
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    Quote from seanynjboy
    I am also VERY interested in this thread. I have been thinking about opening an adult care home and would like any in sight that you have received
    Yes, I am wondering what happened as well.