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  1. I was wondering if anyone knows of an online nursing school. I am a nursing assistant and want to go to be a nurse but i have a child at home and a part time job. So i was wondering if there is any good nursing schools online. Can anyone help me?
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  3. by   luvmy2angels
    I believe you must attend an actual LPN program FIRST before you can take any long distnace learning at home to get your RN, BSN, etc. I have never heard of any school that will allow someone to get thier LPN without actually taking classes and clinical. I have worked as a CNA for 18 years and will be graduating from an LPN program in Feb. I thought it would be easy being that I had been a CNA for so long, but there is NOOOOOO way I could have done this without the classroom or clinical instruction. I plan on getting my RN doing a long distance program at home when I am finished here. There are usually a lot of LPN programs that offer part time classes. I attend the part time evening class for my program. It has been wonderful for me and I will actually be sad to say goodbye to the wonderful friends I have made!! Good luck, and maybe I am wrong, hopefully if someone else here knows of an online LPN program they will be able to help you.
  4. by   Jessy_RN
    I think you need to attend a traditional program first too. Good luck.
  5. by   bettybo
    hi are there any online schools for lpn or rn
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    You need a "real program" for the LPN, then you can do a bridge program on-line for the RN.

    Sorry, but you cannot learn how to give baths or injections, etc. on-line.
    You can take pre-req courses for your RN on-line if you wanted to go straight into that, but the actual nursing would need to be done in a classroom with a real instructor, or clincial setting.
  7. by   over30nursestudent
    You can attend a "real Program" online to get your lpn or even an RN. There are clinical rotations where you learn injections and how to give baths. I find it absurd that some people would even assume that is how a program with an online component works. I guess its just like everything else people are terrified of change. These people who balk at online programs need to put their energy into finding solutions to the 1,000 yr wait to get into "Traditional Programs" instead of knocking schools who are making a difference in minimizing waiting lists and also I might add the Nursing shortage!!!!!
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    Quote from brinyboohead
    I was wondering if anyone knows of an online nursing school. I am a nursing assistant and want to go to be a nurse but i have a child at home and a part time job. So i was wondering if there is any good nursing schools online. Can anyone help me?
    I am an online student and I attend Northland Community and Technical College in minnesota. I am not sure where you live, but some of the distance students travel quite a distance to attend skills validation classes and clinicals. You get to do all you pre-reqs online and all the core nursing classes online. It is a tough program and alot of work, but well worth it. It costs 180.00 per credit hour and once you are in the core nursing classes you need an 80% for a C, 86% for a B and a 94% to get an A. You have to be very self motivated and pretty much able to teach yourself. You buy videos to learn your skills and then you get your hands on during skills validation. But, like I said you have to be prepared to travel for certain days and times of these classes. This is an Associate degree Practical Nursing program that I am referring too. Then from there you can go for the RN, but not until you are an LPN. Hope this information helps, but I am sure there are also other programs out there that offer this kind of online education.
  9. by   bettybo
    thank you i will look into this online school and can you tell me how are you doing with the online program
  10. by   Cutiepie612
    Hello do you know what schools online offer the programs online???
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  11. by   MTBanRN
    You can get a BS in Nursing Health Administration then get an Masters in Nursing if you are intereted in going that route.
  12. by   MTBanRN
    University of Phoenix has a good program.
  13. by   butterflygirl
    Be careful with online programs. You do not get the clinical "experience" that you would in a traditional program. Not all states accept online programs. There are certain states that will not accept online schooling for nursing and will not let you take the state boards. Also, you can pass all the tests and then most online schooling has 1 weekend of clinicals. It's a pass or fail. So even if I have read how to start IVs and can tell you all the clinical symptoms to look for what is going wrong, if I can't start one on the first try, I could fail the clinicals (for approx $2000). I would have to pay again and retake it. Plus, if you were in the hospital, would you want a nurse that had great book smarts but no clinical experience taking care of you? I am not criticizing online schools, lots of people do it. But take into consideration these things before you start. I know because I started on online program and found out these things after I signed a contract for $5000. I am starting a traditional LPN transition to RN program in January. Not because I couldn't pass the tests - I was receiving A's and it was not easy. I switched because of the clinical experience and the classroom setting allowed me to ask more questions than online education.
  14. by   UMichSCN07
    One of the better online programs is Excelsior College. They claim to be the only distance-learning RN associate's program in the country, they are NLNAC accredited, and they help you set up your clinicals locally (supposedly). They used to do an MA-to-RN program, now I think you might have to be at least a paramedic or LPN. The biggest drawback is that they are EXPENSIVE. But I have friends who have had family members go through the program and they liked it. The website is

    Mike in Michigan