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Hi Everyone, i just need to vent and I need someone to talk to me. I'm just feeling very upset right now and I want out of nursing.. I graduated with my associates a year and a half ago and... Read More

  1. by   Mamagoofy28
    I felt the exact same way you do. I have been a nurse foe about 2 1/2 years, I'm just now starting to feel comfortable. My first job had me feel I like I made a horrible mistake on becoming a nurse. I left that position and went somewhere else and I have never been happier. It's normal to feel the way you do. Don't make any decisions right now. Think about it, talk it over with your partner. A good partner will support your professional decisions no matter what. Maybe just a different floor will help. An observation floor is very hectic. As for holidays, weekends and nights...that's part of the job but there are positions that don't require them. Seek them out. Don't give up yet, see what other options are out there, talk with your partner and make a rational no emotional decision.
  2. by   Steffy44
    Quote from elkpark
    Not necessarily, depending on the location. Lots of employers do require BSNs for many of those positions. If one is wiling to move wherever in the country you can find a job in one of those specializations, sure, it's probably possible. But a lot more likely with a BSN.

    Yep...in my state you have to have a BSN for almost all of them. Plus many years of experience.
  3. by   Gina s, RN
    I felt the same way in the beginning. Then I found a job that allowed me to be a mom and work full time without weekends. The trade off was lower pay. But I made it work. Keep looking, you will find something.
  4. by   DalekRN
    There's always the option of going back to school for a master's, even a non nursing masters.
  5. by   RNikkiF
    I think it is very telling that you can't imagine doing anything other than being a nurse. That tells me that you're probably in the right field, but maybe not the right specialty. Maybe you could work as a float nurse to help find your specialty? As for weekends and holidays... that's part of hospital nursing. There are lots if other specialties that don't require it. Look up Donna Cardillo. Shes a nurse who is a motivational speaker and career "guru". There's a lot of information on her site about different nursing options. Good luck. Don't give up. Take some time off for you. And if your bf leaves you over your career... he wasn't the one. You don't love someone for their job. Wishing you the best! Keep us posted.
  6. by   DallasRN
    Quote from RNikkiF
    And if your bf leaves you over your career... he wasn't the one. You don't love someone for their job. Wishing you the best! Keep us posted.
    Absolutely!! I would question the motives of a BF who would want me to spend half of my waking hours in a job that wasn't making me happy or fulfilling.
  7. by   BadwomanM
    Not every area will use an ADN for UR, case management, etc. I've been a case manager for 15 years and had to have my BSN to get the job. I also was a wound RN which required it, UR nurse that required it (or progress towards it) and a clinical instructor where it was the minimum requirement. Our system is moving toward only hiring BSN or those with progress toward a BSN.