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  1. Anthem myNexus

    Can anyone give me any information about typical pay range for a Wound Care Utilization Review Nurse position that is remote? I'm looking for a remote position, but I think that as certified specialists, we should still get paid accordingly. Just w...
  2. I am a CWON at a Wound and Ostomy Clinic at a major hospital in Wisconsin.  We are a nurse run clinic.  We have an opening for a CWON that we need to fill with the right person. We don't just want credentials, we want the right fit for everyone! Good work environment,  professional autonomy, great manager (not me! LOL) and opportunities to grow! Would prefer someone who is already certified, with 5+ years of outpatient wound/ostomy clinic experience. Ours is a well established, yet ever growing and changing clinic. Our number one priority is providing the best, evidence based care to all of our patients! You'll see the most challenging and rewarding patients here! Patients come from all over the country to be seen in our clinic! Please provide me with your information and I'll get more information to you. This is a .8 FTE (32 hrs a week).

  3. Sobriety and NCLEX?

    OP was never in rehab, so there's no documentation. Also, no legal trouble, so there's no record at all. OP took it upon him/herself to quit because they were aware of the potential of a severe issue and impending trouble. To the OP: Kudos to yo...
  4. Passing NCLEX with 265

    Congratulations! That was certainly hard earned. Forget about the number of questions. It's a pass/fail. I passed with 75 questions and I know a lot of others who did too... that doesn't mean any of us are a better nurse than anyone else, it mean...
  5. Cdiff disease

    Soap and running water is the ONLY way to remove it from your hands. Bleach will kill the spores on hard surfaces. Make sure your residents wash their hands before eating, after toileting and before leaving their rooms. Everywhere I have worked, t...
  6. I want medicine or nursing

    I'm sure you can find all of that information on Google. This seems like a phishing attempt.
  7. Am I allowed to push the button?

    Honestly, I don't really like it when other nurses touch my pumps. I appreciate their intent to help, but I need to know what's going on with my patient. If my pump is beeping, just call me, I'll handle it.
  8. Am I allowed to push the button?

    Even if you know what the problem is, it is outside of your scope because it requires assessment. You can always straighten the patient's arm and if the pump doesn't stop beeping, then notifiy the nurse. You just don't want to get yourself in troub...
  9. Disabled nurses unable to work floor nursing

    I can relate to an extent, to what you're going through. I am also 43 with health issues that have forced me to take a less physically demanding position. I've actually sought advice right here in this forum for the same reasons. I'm dealing with ...
  10. Best positions for nurse with anxiety/ ADHD

    Have you considered school nursing? Clinics may be good too, if you can handle a fast pace. There are also blood centers, dialysis, there are work from home positions for insurance companies, etc, but those usually require experience in whatever ac...
  11. Old nurse won't retire

    I forgot they were in the ED. That certainly makes a difference.
  12. Very concerned

    I'm sorry that you're going through this. As for what do you do now? Learn everything you can from this, even write a little paper for yourself to reinforce the information if you need to. Then, when you have your meeting with your NM, you can poi...
  13. Combination Rehab/SNF? Confused new grad RN

    LTACH is exactly what you describe. Acute care patients who need longer than their insurance will allow in a traditional hospital. Many of these do have limited therapy available for patients. Skilled Nursing/Subacute Rehab is a rehabilitation uni...
  14. Chemistry - General vs Organic vs BioChem?

    Most schools have their own requirements, so you'll need to check with your school. It also depends on if you're getting ADN, BSN or MSN...
  15. Old nurse won't retire

    I guess I don't understand how moving slowly is not pulling one's weight...