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  1. NurseCoachHeather

    I Desperately Want Out

    Hey there, I can totally relate to this as I once felt very similar. First of all, you've GOT this. This is a hard time, but you WILL make it through and come out stronger because of it.
  2. NurseCoachHeather

    Don't like nursing at all, what can I do with my BSN?

    Many people may have told you "it gets better." And sometimes - it does. But other times, when you KNOW bedside nursing isn't for you - you just know. After 3 years working in the ICU, I was burntout to the core. Desperate for something new. Tired of the medical model. I felt like my job was primarily handing out pills, and offering temporary solutions to real lifestyle problems - never getting to the core of the matter. That's when I found Nurse Coaching, a new nationally accredited Board Certification for nurses who want to pursue HEALTH and WELLNESS of the whole person. I have dedicated my life to this because I absolutely LOVE what I do and I truly BELIEVE in what I do.