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  1. by   jacejudi
    Hey tina

    Are you at usq..... Ive been busy all week studying im in 2nd yr too

  2. by   AussieTina
    Hi, now what gave away what uni i'm from

    I am in my 3rd year, must remember to change that bit on the bottom of my post.....

    I have been coming onto this forum for the last year or so, and have found it to be a fantastic font of knowledge, and also a reminder as to why i am slogging away at these books at my age , it helps to bring it all into perspective. Anyway enjoy...

    Oh and a word of warning....allnurses can be very addictive, especially when you are meant to be on the computer either researching or writing that assignment but oh well this is more interesting than that acute care assignment anyway
  3. by   jacejudi
    hey Tina

    Im glad ive found this site it has helped with some questions i had...

    Ive been off work with a sprained wrist so ive had plenty of time for uni work.... I am so far ahead its great, 1/2 done my essay thats not due till 30th april....

    There is si much stuff on here im glad i stumbled on it
  4. by   emjcat
    Hi there I don't know if I'm in the correct place I come from scotland but I am looking to immigrate to your great country soon and have just had recruitment agency looking for where I would like to go and work. Could anyone give me any advice on where to work, australian healthcare system and wages? I have been researching on the net but I'm in such a muddle.
  5. by   jacejudi
    Hey Emma

    Im a student in QLD but i looked up some sites for you
    Here are some and from these you should be able to find more

    Good luck from Judi



  6. by   milkyoz
    hi all first timer here...i work currently in aged care...its a very heavy work load..cant wait to get into the hospital scene..just finished my placement in acute care as part of my diploma of enrolled nursing :hatparty:
  7. by   giggles123
    I am new at this and not sure where to post. 1st year could anyone tell my why physics are important for nursing
  8. by   greatshakes
    Hi Milky oz

    I am glad to hear how well you've done but don't be devastated if you don't get into an acute setting right away. I tried for ages for a post grad program in Med or surg but couldn't get it because I could only do limited hours. I am an RN. I now work for a boys college as a casual RN. It's part time and while I miss the ward routine, I like my workmates, we get the school holidays off and the students are great. I am learning to have more faith in my diagnostic abilities. I guess the job just picked me as I didn't choose it and was actually asked to apply for it. No showers, toileting or feeds but on the downside,no injections or IV therapy and rare obs. I am only scared I'll lose the skills I had. I hope you get the placement you want but some things do take time.
  9. by   bithbheo
    Hi emjcat just saw your post about coming to Aus ...What area of nursing are you working in ? Public hospitals here pay more than private ones usually. Aged care is heavy often with a ratio of about 30 residents to 1 RN and a couple of ain's and not the best wage wise either. There is an award wage which is the minimum wage you can be paid. I live in Queensland which is a lovely place though a bit hot at times. Folk are friendly here I have found. Each state of Australia has its own nursing registration board which means if you travel interstate you need to pay for another registration certificate for each state you want to work in....the link below is the link to the public hospital award wages.
    Also this link gives you award wages in differant areas of nursing
    Good luck and e mail me if i can help in any way :-)
    Wages also vary from state to state.
  10. by   emjcat
    Thanx Bith that is helpful. Still don't know where to go many things have to be considered. I think the appeal of nursing in australia is that it is less stressful than here in the UK. I feel that I just want out of this country and experience different healthcare environments. I have acute respiratory experience and currently I'm working in an acute community hosp with A & E etc. Do you know whether there are any of these hosp in Queensland that are Gp and nurse led rather than in-house docs?
  11. by   milkyoz
    thanks hassled.....but being in a small city they are always looking for En's so once my registration comes through i can get part time work at the hospital here.....just have to wait for permanent part time later on
  12. by   milkyoz
    hi...south austalia's wages for En's are about $8.000 less that queenslands....doesnt seem fair but thats the way its is
  13. by   greatshakes
    emjcat try this link and go to search health services bulletins, it will take you to another page. You can then see the sorts of places which are available. Hope it helps