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Ok, I'll start a thread too! :cool: In an effort to help our non -Aussies understand our lingo, I'll start a thread on our slang words and / or words that are parculiar, common, here in Aust. So... Read More

  1. by   Grace Oz
    But wait... There's MORE!!...
    STONE THE BLOODY CROWS!... Many uses: Amazed,WOW!
    Frustrated, pissed off, excited even! LOL
    The NEVER NEVER... Outback Australia.
    BUSHWACKER... (NO, not someone who belts the bejesus outta George W!) It's Someone who comes from or lives in the outback. Lives in the Bush.
    Grace xx
  2. by   Tookie
    Then there the expression that 'she bangs like a dunny door'- now l am NOT going to explain that one - dont mean to offend anyone with that
    Needless to say there are expressions that relate to our particular sports - like cricket and footy - but we wont confuse you too much too soon.
    Another expression often use is - would you sit down you like a fart in a bottle - referring to the fact that people cant keep still
    or another related to the inability to be still is that the person was
    Up and down like a brides nightie.

    will have to find an old slang book - next week when things settle down.
  3. by   Bloke
    a good limk to a list of our some of our slang
  4. by   renerian
    Bloke what a cool website! Thanks for posting it!

  5. by   l.rae
    Spit the dummy : get very upset at something
    Figjam : "F*ck I'm good; just ask me". Nickname for people who have a high opinion of themselves.
    Root (verb and noun) : synonym for f*ck in nearly all its senses: "I feel rooted"; "this washing machine is rooted"; "(s)he's a good root". A very useful word in fairly polite company
    Liquid laugh : vomit

    thanks for the link Bloke!...these are some of my favs....btw is it pronounced fig-jam?......can't wait to use that one!.........LR
  6. by   nakitamoon
    ,,,,,, okay,,,,, i have a question regarding,,,, lingo,,, it's meaning,,,, etc,,,,,, not nursing related,,,,, i have been comunicating and building a friendship with a person from london,,,, he calls me chuck,,,, this is supposed to be term of enderment,,,, comparable to friend,,,, does anyone know if this is true,,,,,, or is he lying to me,,,,, it is so hard to communicate in the medium,,,,, we have too,,,, i am lost a lot with the slang he uses,,,,, any imput would be greatly apprieciated! thank you,,, in advance,,,,,, ~kitamoon,,,,,,
  7. by   sandgroper
    'Chuck' in Aussie means vomit.

    Not sure what it would mean in London.
  8. by   sandgroper
    LOL just read your post again. You must mean 'chook'

    This term refers to a hen, but can be used as 'term of endearment'
  9. by   donmurray
    post it on the UK thread & someone will know. "chuck" is a Northern english dialect word, rather than London, but is a term of endearment. "Hen" is used too, but usually in Scotland, and specifically female, where chuck is generic!
  10. by   ayemmeff
    And "Duck" is an affectionate name for a female in the Derby area!
  11. by   donmurray
    LOL! In short, travel 30 miles in any direction in the UK and the locals speak a different variety of English!
    (or is 30 miles too far?)
    I worked in East Anglia, and after a while even I could tell if someone was Norwich <the town> or Norfolk <the county>
  12. by   donmurray
    How true is this example of Aussie foreplay:
    " Hey, Sheila, wanna **** ?"
    "I do NOW, ya silver tongued devil!"
  13. by   Grace Oz
    CHUCK.... "Chuck the ball" as in THROW the ball.
    "Chuck it out" as in dispose of something.

    Another word for vomit here in Oz is; CHUNDER.
    PEWK is another.

    BONZA: as in Beaut, nice, good, great terrific etc.

    Keep em coming folks....
    Grace :kiss