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Is it me or have you noticed that too many nurses are just downright nasty to their colleagues? Not just the Charge RN, but, virtually any other nurse. Let me give you some examples. -The Charge... Read More

  1. by   mejsp
    I'm sorry your work environment is so negative. I agree with your assessment and how we've forgotten to treat each other with civility. I am guessing you are in a position of leadership and are fed up. Your words to me were like a sermon from the pulpit or a lecture from my mother. I hope the tension eases for you and that venting helped.
  2. by   TriciaJ
    What was described in the OP is a seriously dysfunctional workplace. It is the job of management to set the tone and the culture and they unfortunately often reward bad behaviour. I have a close friend who works for a large tech firm and has males and females for coworkers. The dynamics she describes are appalling. So this is not peculiar to nurses or even women.

    I've had men (not nurses) ask me (in all seriousness) why I don't start yelling and pounding on the table when a staff meeting is going poorly. They genuinely thought it was a way to get listened to.

    The point? Lack of civility is a growing phenomenon and not limited to any particular workplace.
  3. by   Steffy44
    I did 25 years in the most male dominated career in the world...the US military. I never saw this much back biting and immaturity in my life. My experience on working with men was we just did our job. There wasn't this back biting or emotional mind games. I wasn't a nurse then. Since I've become a nurse I've witnessed vicious rumor spreading, intimidation and just a lack of team. Some seem to take pride in reporting other nurses for stupid stuff just so they get recognized with a good catch. Frankly I prefer working with male nurses because they just are there to work. Unfortunately our floor has run off the only male nurses we had.
  4. by   cyc0sys
    Quote from mfci
    I was just discussing this with my husband this morning. I was in another profession (one of the "white collar" ones, male dominated) for 20 years before I went into nursing. I can't believe how unprofessional nursing is. I don't think it's because nurses are females. And I don't think it's just nurses. The behavior is systemic.

    I agree completely that the nature of the workplace varies, both in nursing and probably just about every other job there is. I've certainly seen the same range in my former profession, from demeaning sweatshop all the way up to great environment. However, even knowing that, the level of professionalism in nursing, both in terms of how (some) nurses treat each other, how management treats us, how the job is defined, etc. is one that I find disappointingly low.

    FYI - I like the hospital I work in, my coworkers, my manager, and my job. This is not an opinion born of job dissatisfaction.

    Your response is very succinct. I was lamenting similar thoughts with a former colleague a few weeks ago regarding the distinctive and unprecedented lack of professionalism in my current nursing workplace.

    Work places indeed vary and as much by profession. I served as a IT network security engineer for 10 years in the DC Metro Area. It too was dominated by males but females were stratified across the organization.

    The uninitiated might assume IT professionals as agreeable and easily managed docile computer geeks. While that stereotype does indeed exist. Some of my coworkers ranged from genius level 'gifted', to eccentric weekend cos-players, to somewhere on the autism spectrum.

    Although fiefdoms, personality conflicts, and disagreement exists in the IT world. A general consensus of cooperation, mutual respect, and professionalism abounded regardless of my workplace.

    Nursing, in my opinion, is a paraprofessional 'jack or jill of all trades' in medical service. Acting chiefly as a liaison between the public and the provider with a thinly blurred 'blue collar' of customer service.
  5. by   kitty29
    So true, our professions dirty little secret! And I also believe its in part related to majority of female staff. Really.
  6. by   Ruby Vee
    Quote from kitty29
    So true, our professions dirty little secret! And I also believe its in part related to majority of female staff. Really.
    PSSSSST! Your misogyny is showing.