How should I tell my boss I am quitting?

  1. I plan on leaving my job at the end of this year to move back to the state that I graduated from. At that point I will have been working for a little over a year. I want to know how I should tell my boss, she gave me my first job, mentored me, I love where I work, but I hate where I live. I feel as though I will be abandoning her. Since I plan to leave late December or early January, I want to tell her in October that I will be pursuing job opportunities elsewhere. Is that too soon? Should I just start filling out applications and then go to interviews and wait until I have had a good interview to tell her. I just don't want my boss to get a call one day asking about the type of employee I am and that's how she finds out. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    I would tell your boss when you start the application process and can expect prospective employers to start contacting her. Take some time to nicely explain what you said here. She can certainly understand that you want to go where you will be happy.
  4. by   stephanie2012
    maybe you can tell your boss that your parents need your care, and you have to go back to your state to work, that would be convenient for you to go back to see them.
  5. by   Woodenpug
    Well... I think Johnny Paycheck - You can take this job and shove it - YouTube says it best.

    Seriously though, simple honesty works well. One day you may be able to repay your mentor / boss, or you can pay it forward by being a good mentor.
  6. by   Esme12
    I think if you are honest and ask tell them you just aren't happy and want to go home. Tell them that you are forever thankful for the opportunity and you winder if they can give you a letter of recommendation to better your chances of getting a good job close to your parents and family. You gave it a year to adjust and get better but you just want to go home.

    You gave it a year, good for you. I think October is more than enough time since you only "have to" give 2 weeks. I would ask your preceptor and/or co-workers and supervision to give you a couple of letters of recommendation as well and ask permission to use them as a professional reference.

    Good Luck!
  7. by   kids
    For starters I wouldn't tell them anything NOW.
    A lot could happen in 8 months and really, what is in it for them to keep you knowing you have no intention of staying.
    It doesn't matter how attached you are to your 'first boss and mentor', it all comes down to the company having very little attachment to you.

    Two weeks before you plan to quit the job submit your notice (or 30 days if you're feeling generous) with relocation to be closer to your family as your reason for leaving.

    Don't lie and say it's to take care of a sick parent, etc. You'll be found out and known for a liar as soon as your first new job prospect checks your reference.
  8. by   Ruas61
    I would just wait until the fall to start worrying about this. You are jumping the gun here.
  9. by   nurse2033
    You should wait. It is responsible to give two weeks notice, but I've given 3-4 weeks, but no more. They may ask why but just hand in a letter that states you are leaving and when. You never know what might change before then. I would try to find another job prior to quitting. You can warn your boss you are looking, but that doesn't necessarily mean you are quitting.
  10. by   buzzalongs
    Quote from nurse2033
    You should wait. It is responsible to give two weeks notice, but I've given 3-4 weeks, but no more.
    Totally agree with the above. I did something earlier last year when I relocated to help take care of my grandparents. My boss was very helpful and gave me an excellent reference. At the time that I told her I had already applied to hospitals and was 4 months from moving. I gave her a two month window for when I'd be leaving, then an official letter 3 weeks before I left. Always be a step ahead!

    Im in need of some advice too--As I said, I just recently relocated (last August), however my fiance is moving to California in July so I'll need to relocate again! When/how should I tell my current boss?! I've already been accepted to a graduate school in CA (havent told the boss that, though she knows I applied in IL and CA). Help!?
  11. by   Texan_Gal
    sir william,

    i commend you for caring such a great deal about leaving your nursing position. i have worked with nurses that never return to work, let alone give notice, so trust me, you are one caring person.

    as for giving notice at work, i'd say the best advice anyone can give you is to follow your company's resignation policy. if the policy is for rns to give at least 2 weeks notice, then i'd suggest following those guidelines.

    also, i've been in management positions & i can tell you that most states do not allow potential employers to request subjective feedback on the type of employee you were; all they can ask is for confirmation of your employment dates and whether or not you are re-hireable (in other words, did you give ample notice according to your company's policy). that's it.

    rest assured that regardless of the type of employee your boss thinks you were, that information is not permitted to be shared with future employers since it is subjective in nature. i would suggest checking your state's labor laws regarding this though just to be sure that it also stands true for your state.

    best of luck & i hope you find your dream job in your new state!