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  1. stephanie2012

    Lessons Learned - Choose Your School Wisely

    Yes, we should wisely chose school.
  2. stephanie2012

    No results yet.

    hello, any progress today ? hope it can go as your wish !
  3. stephanie2012

    looking for job/Denver advice - last year of school

    definitely , it is a good opportunity to acquire something, and you may go to your mentors for some suggestions, It would be much helpful.
  4. stephanie2012

    My daughter wants to be a nurse

    Hello, yes, there are chances, and leave the decision to your daughter .
  5. stephanie2012

    What else can I do with a BSN beside bedside nursing

    Hey, i guess first you have to make sure that what you want and then do the decision making, while as for me, i would choose what i want, since they are all in the same field. and then see if it is what you good at, interest or promising, that's the point, from my point of view.
  6. stephanie2012

    Nurse Coding

    Hello, never heard of this before, what specific they do ?
  7. stephanie2012

    Engineer interested in becoming a RN

    Hello, there is no problem if you want to step in this field, and experience is important, but there's chance to aquire, you can serve as a assistant or kind of job, and then make the experience accumulation. Good luck!
  8. stephanie2012

    Hello Irish Nurses

    i guess you can post the resumes first on internet, if there is really a good chance, you can go back.
  9. stephanie2012

    Canadian Nurse Interested in Australia

    Is Australia so charming ?
  10. stephanie2012

    Current pay scale for nurses in Melbourne?

    Hello, actually we just can know the general situation there about the pay scale, for the specific, perhaps, it's relevant trade secret.
  11. stephanie2012

    From USA to AU

    hey, i guess you can search the regulation of Austrian Immigrate Board on internet and then do the advisory.
  12. stephanie2012

    Nurses looking to work in Australia

    well, good luck ! nothing is easy, but still it happens everyday around you, so it can be true, unless you have no strong faith in it, and strive for it.
  13. stephanie2012

    My kids in melbourne??

    Hello, i don't clearly understand your meaning, but it is better to find a job near your families.Since you are man, and good for your care to them.
  14. stephanie2012

    Advice from someone who hires

    thanks for sharing. that's really great help.
  15. stephanie2012

    Taking a pay cut?

    Anyway, you still have choice in your hand. Try to make it fair.
  16. stephanie2012

    Waiting for an answer from the BON!!!

    hello, just now i answered a question here on nurses in the Career part , which mentioned DUIs, if you want to know , to and search for it.