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Hi everyone, I'm a new grad RN. Received my license in July 2015. Since then I've been looking for a job like a mad woman. Getting a nursing job in NYC as a new grad has been much harder than expected. I'm currently still in school to get my BSN. I just applied to an agency to their new grad home care program, and its' a little shady. Its low pay, only $26.50/hr. There's an unpaid 2 week orientation. 1 week classroom and another week of shadowing a nurse through their entire 8 or 12 hours shift in a patient's home. $2000 must be paid to the agency if one choses to deny the job after the orientation. Even though it is unpaid. Again, thats IF I receive an offer after doing the orientation. They do claim that they're in a dyer need of nurses. Little to no benefits (besides metro card and insurance after a few months), ex. no paid holidays, only 40 hour sick leave, no extra for night shift. They seem very strict and not flexible with scheduling.

I did sign the contract but orientation isn't until later this month and if cancel and I don't go to the orientation, I shouldn't have to pay $2000.

Does anyone have experience with this agency or think its a bad idea?


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I don't have any experience, but never in NY as a nurse. Do they have a website? Or a quick google search might yield interesting results. I found another post from last September here on, but saw you already asked for input there. I just think it sounds shady. The whole non-paid orientation and then not even being officially offered a position? And then having to pay THEM if you don't take the job? What is their rationale for the $2000 you pay them after orientation if no position accepted? To cover the one week of classroom orientation? Um, that sounds pretty crooked to me. And the whole, everything just sounds, not quite right. But again, maybe the situation is different than what I'm accustomed to here in PA. However, if they are hurting so badly for nurses, then they should be willing to give better pay, benefits, pay for orientation etc. Just not adding up to me.

I just wonder, since you've already signed a contract, if you do NOT complete orientation or accept a position if it's even offered to you, why would you not have to pay? I would make sure you know you do not have to pay, since you say you have already signed. I don't know your situation, but is the situation for new grads or nurses in general any better, and hour outside the city? (forgive me, never been to or want to go to big cities) but I think that would be reasonable in terms of commuting, from what i hear. Is your situation bad, or do you have options to possibly relocate with family or friends, even just an hour or two can have a huge impact upon job market issues.

Sorry I'm not of much help, but I think this sounds not kosher & I would certainly question a LOT of what you've been told. Good luck. Let me know if you hear anything from anywhere, including company themselves. :)


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Thanks so much for responding! I did get my New Jersey nursing license as well in hopes that the market would be better there but I'm not getting much luck their either. I wouldn't mind commuting but I did fail my drivers road test last year. It's really tough in NYC. Yea so far this whole opportunity seems like a scam for new grads. At first I thought it's only a year but why the strict contract?

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Do not take the job, report the agency to the labor board.

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If you signed the "contract" less than 3 days ago you can back out.

If not have a lawyer look it over. Do not work for this agency, report them instead.

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I just read some reviews online, and yea, I would pass on this one if I were you!!


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I would not do.

Since you have not been able to find a job for a while what about adding a license in a state that has more opportunities and find a job there? Move out of state to get some experience and with some experience move back?


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I've never heard of such a thing and it does sound pretty sketchy.

The ONLY thing I can see for doing it would be for the experience of it. I wonder if there is anything valuable in the classroom program and shadowing a nurse for a week? You hear of so many places that don't give an orientation before throwing a new grad into a case that they're not familiar with.

Does the contract say how long you'd have to work for them before you'd have to pay the 2K?


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Yes the contract would be for 1 year. If any time during that year I do not stick to the 30hr/weekly they will charge me $2000 for training. The experience would be the only thing I'd do it for. I was thinking home care would be lighter worker as well.


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So multiple parts of this is actually completely against the law. Both state and federal. Do not do it. Report them to the bbb and your Bon.

What I see happening is that within a few weeks they will make an excuse for you to not have 30 hours. You will then be liable to pay them. You either will or won't. If you don't they will threaten to take you to court. They will threaten this for s long time, calling at all hours, multiple times a day. They will never bring you to court, because they know they are illegal, but they can make your life hell.


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Interesting that an employer would ask you to be "on the clock" with no pay for 2 weeks. What happens if you are injured during this time? I don't see them doing the right thing and you would be injured, out of a job, and owe the agency $2,000.

Trust your gut on this one.


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Orient without pay? Report them.