Swimming with the Sharks at U.S. Nursing

  1. From Revolution Magazine July-August 2002. Vol.3-No.4

    Feeding Frenzy By Charles Idelson
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  3. by   oramar
    This is dreadful, repulsive. The fact that a billion dollar business can grow on the backs of the hardship nurses suffer makes me sick.
  4. by   sjoe
    Just one more indication that if nurses don't get organized and stand up for ourselves in a mutually supportive way, more and more people will take advantage of our political weakness.
    And why shouldn't they?
    But it is wise to remember that the real villains of this piece are the hospitals (who like nothing more than to keep us divided against each other), not the nurses who might work for these agencies or the agencies themselves. If the hospitals didn't create this market, the agencies would be out of business.
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  5. by   DelGR
    What a great article and an eye opener. All nurses should read this!!
  6. by   OC_An Khe
    If nurses weren't willing to cross picket lines then these sharks wouldn't exist. In fact the real sharks are the nurses that cross the line. They are truly hurting the profession. Of course they do have the right to do it. I have the right to despise them.
  7. by   teeituptom
    Howdy yall
    from deep in the heat of texas

    Well yall can despise away and I will pocket the pay.
    I love money, particularly when iys goes into my wifes or my pocket. and my has wife very deep pockets, believe me.

    doo wah ditty
  8. by   oramar
    It is not the money that is going into nurse's pockets that is a sin, that is at least related to patient care. It takes a lot of money to run these companies and pay these executive salaries and this is the money that is being siphoned off from patient care. I personally would not scab or cross a picket line but as long as the pay is good there are people that will. I accept that it will always be that way. All this because nursing managment will not face up and pay and treat people right.
  9. by   epg_pei
    Why is this information not presented on the revolutionmag.com site? I'm not for or against, I just like to know who I'm getting my news/opinion from.

    Revolution Magazine
    c/o California Nurses Association 2000
    Franklin St. Suite 300
    Oakland, CA 94612
  10. by   NRSKarenRN
    epg_pei: Re Revolution Magazine.

    Headline "Swimming with the Sharks at U.S. Nursing" is part of the magazines cover, posted at the website.

    Look at the cover. You can click on the headline located in bottom right corner and up pops the article. I've learned from viewing this site that you can often gain access to one of the articles from each issue this way.

    Will identify source of articles in future posts. I visit various sites of interest to the nursing public at large. Please feel free to post any info on patient and nursing activism, or healthcare pending legislation at this forum.
    When I was in Cali a few years ago , ( I was in San Fransisco) is when Stanford and another hospital went on strike. I was called by one of the recruiters from one of the companies mentioned and I was personally offered 5 thousand a week, with a 10 thousand dollar bonus if the strike went on longer than 1 month. I declined the position and requested that My name be removed from thier list, and also asked where they had gotten my name in the first place. The answer was , my old recruiter had changed companies and thought " I would like to make some quick cash"
    My reply " Remove my name, Dont ever contact me again"
    I will not cross a picket line , Never have Never will.
    If they would have given the Nurses in California the money they were asking for ,it would have been more cost efficant in the first place then hiring the Scabs that walked across without a thought to why the Nurses there left in the first place.
    Yes I agree the sharks lie in many areas and the sharks come in many shapes and forms, But I have to agree with the comment of one of the posters here , The true sharks are the Nurses that fill the positions .