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In Dean Catherine Vincent's pediatric pathophysiology course, all of her white middle-class students did exceptionally well but a Mexican-American student in her class failed miserably. What was the... Read More

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    Manuel...we're just makin' light with one another here. Hope you don't mind. BTW, how are you doing today? We all really and truly do care about you and want so much to help make you feel better. :kiss and ((((hugs Manuel))))
    originally posted by sharonmh31

    the following topics will never be resolved:

    1. racism
    2. rn vs. lpn
    3. adn vs. bsn
    4. bottled water vs. tap
    5. the darrin switch
    apparently, there's a #6 topic currently being discussed on allnurses.com forum...
    6. crna vs. mda's

    apparently, medical students today still seem to think that nurses, of all educational levels, are :angryfire inferior to the intellect of mds or dos. apparently, these students are being taught this by their instructors....check out one of their forum topic: crna making 120000 to 180000 at student doctor.net http://forums.studentdoctor.net/cgi-...11;t=001987;p=
    you'll soon see that forum turn from one of how much a crna earns to one of crnas vs. mdas & how we nurses are practicing medicine without the "proper" education & skills as they get in medical school.

    but geezzz, if you look at it, doesn't this arguement sound familiar to that of #2 & #3....just depend on which side of the tracks one's on i guess .

    sorry for getting the topic off track...just thought i'll add to sharon's list of vs. sorry if i piss anyone off
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    You didn't offend me...but did shed some light as to what some of this is really all about. Class wars! So it seems...the dicussion about what level of education is best...never ends.. Oooh well. Thanks for sharing..
  4. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    Ok, screw it!

    Phd for entry level...............................for EVERYTHING!

    There, that should about do it. Undergraduate degrees are now what they are called and a masters is just some pre-reqs to clean up before you really learn how to B.S. a term paper!:chuckle

    How about paper v.s. plastic? Does that qualify?
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    Shay you don't want to get me started on the designated hitter thing!!! GRRRRR!
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    Originally posted by Peeps Mcarthur
    Ok, screw it!

    Phd for entry level...............................for EVERYTHING!

    There, that should about do it. Undergraduate degrees are now what they are called and a masters is just some pre-reqs to clean up before you really learn how to B.S. a term paper!:chuckle

    How about paper v.s. plastic? Does that qualify?
    Alright already...in a few seconds, look for the new thread titled "Bleep vs. Blop" in the Off Topics Forum so we can get some of this "versus stuff" off our chests.

    "Come on over, come on over baby" -- as the song goes.
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    Sharon and Peeps...the "Bleep vs. Blop" thread is up and running...just waiting on you two to drop on by fer a spell... :chuckle

    Night ya'll!
  8. by   pebbles
    Have to say I like what this thread has become....

    Sometimes taking a step back and re-contextualizing is very refreshing.
  9. by   KBaldwinLVN
    Why is it that whenever a person of color states the word "Rascism", People (Caucasians mostly) like to duck-and-dodge or minimize its truth by replying "I won't get into that", "Enough hurting going on" or some other bah-humbug comment? Is it that its not known what to say, yet something, ANYTHING must be said no matter how callous, dumb or ackward?

    Racsism is alive and well in America, and it doesn't have boundaries as to where it will thrive. I have found older Caucasian nurses to be some of the most racsist people on this planet. I've worked with EMS personnel who thought my place was as a welfare recipient begging for more. It is real easy to write off the student who started this thread by "Not wanting to get into it", but that doesn't make the pain of raciscm any less hurtful. And whoever posted "I've been a victim of racsism by being white..." Dayum. That proves how ignorant we can be with our attitudes towards racsism.

    Manny - Just let what you encountered be the fuel under your behind to position yourself to be her boss one day. Then fire her, and say "Racsism doesn't exsist here". Better yet become her boss and kill her with kindness. She'll go nuts on her own.
  10. by   fergus51
    Typical caucasian response? Hey, I am caucasian, how come no one taught me what to say when people talk about racism? Come on white people, aren't we supposed to be working together to keep the issue of race from ever being discussed in public?

    Ok, a little sarcastic, but c'mon, you knew it would be coming. KBaldwin, some people just don't want to discuss it and they don't have too, but there are other caucasians who are interested in talking about and listening to experiences about racism.

    Ducking from the flames now....
  11. by   Peeps Mcarthur

    Isn't one of the ugliest qualities of racism a tendency to stereotype by way of race?
  12. by   rstewart
    Although I am a caucasian nurse, I will resist any tendency to include any "enough hurting is going on" statements in this post. Neither will I knowingly "duck-and-dodge" the truth if I recall your phraseology correctly.

    The original poster posed a question: "Racism at Oakland University?" He posted the results of his three examinations with some commentary on a website for our comments. While I was convinced of his sincerity and potential, the truth of the matter was painfully clear: He answered only portions of many multi-part questions and he failed to provide any answers whatsoever on several others. By his own admission, he failed to adequately prepare for the third exam. There was no question as to communication style, undue emphasis on spelling, grammar etc. nor cultural bias; he stated himself that the material was cut-and-dried, rote memorization etc.

    So at risk of "minimizing the truth" as you have stated caucasians are apt to do I must state: How the above events even remotely suggest racism is well beyond my comprehension. Futhermore, since the poster chose to post a secured examination on the internet, regretfully I believe that he should be suspended from his program for an indefinite period of time.

    In my view the posters on this thread were remarkably supportive. Even with respect to illegally posting a secured examination, rather than criticize, one poster issued a warning as to possible consequences. Most ignored the issue entirely I'm sad to say.

    Additionally, given the inflammatory nature of the word "racist" I am disappointed that the original poster chose to mention the school and professor by name; doing so served no legitimate purpose and, of course, only one side of the story was told. I realize that there are those who believe that if a charge of "racism" is made then it must exist regardless of the facts. Apparently you are one such individual. Despite the "perception is everything" fad in healthcare and elsewhere, I strongly reject that notion. Indeed, I suspect that if the original poster made no reference to race: 1) there would have been total agreement that the student was graded fairly and 2) there would not have been one tenth the replies because the answer would be neither controversial nor in doubt.

    Finally, I do not appreciate your statement that older white nurses are the most racist people on the planet. I would neither expect you to either understand nor to refrain from such comments in the near future. I would expect, however, that if you are going to paint an entire group with the racism brush, you would at least learn how to spell the word correctly.
  13. by   LasVegasRN
    rstewart -