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In Dean Catherine Vincent's pediatric pathophysiology course, all of her white middle-class students did exceptionally well but a Mexican-American student in her class failed miserably. What was the... Read More

  1. by   KP RN
    Manuel, I feel badly that you're having a tough time with this Dean. If you're thinking of pursuing something legally, you probably should avoid naming names and colleges in print and verbally. The Dean and the University are not able to defend themselves in this arena (at least not yet), and being called racist is awfully inflammatory.
    One never knows who reads these posts; this is a public forum. If I were that Dean or a representative of that University, I'd be all over you like flies on sh-t!!
  2. by   live4today

    You sound like you have a great deal of greatness going on in your life! I just took a quick walk through your website, and you've done an excellent job with it! Just from viewing your website, I can gather that you are a people-person, and have no doubt that you are a wonderful contribution to the health profession. In life, I'm sure you already know that we meet -- and have yet to meet -- people who do not -- or will not -- accept us for whatever their personal reasons may be. Life is too short to dwell on the negative characteristics of a person. Eleanor Roosevelt - rest her soul - had a famous quote that said "Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission." Perhaps you know in your heart of hearts that you did an excellent job on that exam, but no matter what you say, the school sounds like they aren't willing to review it again for you. Unless you want to take this situation to an attorney, or to another Instructor to review, all you can do is focus on staying on track, and giving the best of yourself to the situation. Graduation day does eventually come, and when it is over, you will be able to continue on with your own chosen path in life. Unfortunately, you will meet a lot of people who won't like you, or act 'indifferent' to you. Don't pay homage to the negative, but accentuate the postitive aspects in your life. Continue to show others the best Manuel you can be, and let fate in their lives take care of them. What goes around, does come around eventually. I am a minority, and I made it through many difficult obstacles in my life. When I think back to my college days, it was the Instructor(s) that I despised the most that really helped to shape my character today when dealing with 'the impossible' personality on a job, in my neighborhood, etc. Life happens, and thorns grow right along with the roses. It's your choice to choose to be a rose, or a constant thorn in your own sweet life. Move on and stay focused! If necessary, switch schools if that will make you feel better about how you are being treated. May God bless your every effort to live a positive life for society - no matter what thorn attempts to stop you. :kiss and ((((Hugs)))).
  3. by   LasVegasRN
    Racism, as we all know but may not want to hear, is still very much alive and thriving in the good 'ol USA for minorities. Seems that the latina population is the race "de jour" for the latest rounds of bigotry and prejudice. Why is this, Manuel? I'll tell you why. Latina's are in political offices, have a strong presence in the military, speak loudly and PROUDLY in communities, are no longer seen as picking tomatoes and digging ditches. Oh no, not anymore. The stereotypes have all but gone because the race has overcome and succeeded, and is now... a threat. A opinion columnist in Las Vegas called it the "browning-out" of Las Vegas. Now, with that said, you know what you are up against. You know that racism can be overt and covert. You know that as a minority you have to read longer, study harder, and run faster than anyone else to get ahead and shatter the prejudice. I know you know this because you are doing great things AND succeeding. I know this because I am a minority also. Heed Cheefuldoers advice and you can't go wrong.
  4. by   OUstudentnurse
    Hi, I also go to Oakland University in Rochester. I haven't heard anything about this racism issue but I will definitely be more aware. Anyway, good luck! Maybe I'll meet you sometime!
  5. by   SharonH, RN
    Originally posted by LasVegasRN
    Racism, as we all know but may not want to hear, is still very much alive and thriving in the good 'ol USA for minorities.

    True of course. But would you believe that I was told that we minorities are held to lower standards because all we have to do is scream "racism" if we don't like the way things go for us?

    Manuel, you didn't give us enough info. Has the professor given any other indication that she/he was racist? Personally I attended a historically black college so I was able to concentrate on my education without those "complications" and thank goodness for it, it was hard enough as it was.
  6. by   manuelvillanueva
    Other than my own personal experience, I know of no other instances involving Dean Vincent. If only it were that easy.
  7. by   fergus51
    Have you talked to a lawyer manuel?
  8. by   NRSKarenRN
    Timely article from Nursing Spectrum
    by Carrie Farella, RN, MA
    Masthead Date June 03, 2002

    School of Hard Knocks
    Is Racism a Fixture of Nursing Academia?

  9. by   Teshiee
    Never cease to amaze me. I am a minority and these nurses gave great advice. Racism is a bytch and it is so demeaning and hurtful. If you feel this in your heart please pursue it. Biggots need to recognized that all minorities are not housekeeper, maids and picking vegatables. Play their little game go about it the right way! Use your resources okay. I wish you well. Please keep us posted.
  10. by   NRSKarenRN

    Sorry to hear of your plight. Hope you will read the above article. I am suggesting that you contact Dr. Cynthia Flynn Capers
    (capers@uakron.edu). I've known her from her work with PSNA on Cultural Diversity, conventions and Philadelphia district activities--she is known nationally. Hopefully, she could give you some advice in dealing with your school and professor.

    Every student has a college advisor---has yours been able to help you with this situation or have you gone to another faculty member that you had a good rapport with?? If none of these have helped, I'd follow-up with Program chair and even Dean if necessary.

    Don't let this sway you from getting that degree....keep us informed. Glad you found us and post when needed.
  11. by   manuelvillanueva
    Thanks for the article NRSKarenRN. I read it and it echos the sentiments I have read in other articles. Thanks everyone for their feed back (both positive and negative). I have posted all my exams in that class on the web so everyone can judge for themselves. I also posted the grievance I filed last month.

  12. by   Peeps Mcarthur

    You did so well on the oral presentation. how did you manage that mark if you are shy about class participation?

    I hate essay questions too.
    i believe that your professor had graded the first exam rather harshly ...she'd asked for brief definitions & clinical manifestations & had only provided limited space for answers; yet when you did so...she nailed you for not being explicatory enough...that's not right!!! but please keep in mind, at this level of education, it's not unreasonable for your professor to expect her students to be able to answers her questions via essay style...this not only shows that you know the "right" answer, but just how much of the "right' answer you do know!!! anyone can guess the "right" answer in a standardized multiple choice (in some cases...guess) test by the content of the question & by the choices provided....you have 1 in 4 chances of guessing the "right" answer...essay questions are graded comepletely differently...you either know the material or not...that's more of a 50:50 odds.

    then when you tried to give your professor what they wanted on the second exam, you ran out of time...just how much time was allotted anyway?...did you go over that alloted time in anyway? i'm not sure that this person was being racially bias but perhaps they didn't like you for other petty, personal reasons (i.e., not being as talkative in their class or not wearing the latest fashion......as you'd pointed-out, not being one of the first done in taking her class, perhaps appearing non interested in her class, etc)...only you would be able to decipher.

    ps, how did the professor get away with grading you with what she did...if the grading system was supposed to be of one make-up scoring
    • class participation 10% at the most but your class participation grade counted for 60% of your overall grade
    • oral presentation 30% at the most but your oral presentation counted for 94% of your overall grade
    • exams were supposed to be only worth 60% but your exams counted for 64% of your overall grade
    • therefore, you're being penalize more for each area...not that you've done will in your oral presentation...your instructor choose to count that grade more than what they should've because perhaps you maybe a little reserve in class.
    in other words, lets just say, for example, you might've only receive a score of 60 on your it & by the professor counting that score as 60% of your overall grade, that brought your average down considerably. if i'm not mistaken, your professor was suppose to take whatever grade you've received & multiply it by the maximum percentage, then add up all of the results...that should've been your average (10% + 30% + 60% = 100%...but your grades don't add-up to 100% it adds up to 218 which they then divided by 3, thereby you receiving 73 average...that's incorrect!!!...your test grade average, for example was 64.3% & that should've be multipled by 60% which would've brought you to a total of 38.6 for your exams...i'm not sure if the other grade percentage were your actual grade or were they a represtation of how each grade area weighed..but if all things are equal, 60%*10%=6; 94%*30%=28.2; 64.3%*60%=38.6; then they all total 72.8.....i'm confused)...what's the overall passing grade in this course? how can they then get away with grading you totally off the mark the way that she have...your professor & the dean of the nursing department have some explaining to do of their own...if this is the case...in my book!!!

    i would like to wish you a lot of luck on your appeal process...not to discourage you, but it's been my experience that no matter how much the professor is inappropriate, the appeals board & dean usually stick together :angryfire, unfortunately. maybe thing will be different at your institution!!!
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