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:sniff: :sniff: A CEO at Palomar Hospital in California just got fired. If you want proof that everything you suspected about the higher ups is true here is the smoking gun. Maybe Karen could post... Read More

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    Unable get thru on above link; found this one:

    Palomar district OKs red-ink budget

    By John Berhman
    June 22, 2002

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    Try this too.

    Also, does anyone know about the "TELE 4"?
    Four telemetry nurses who refused to orient travelers and were suspended. Who knows the real story?
    The story has been told so many times between San Diego and here I am not sure I heard the same as what happened.
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    ALL I CAN SAY IS THAT THESE CEO'S MAKE ME SICK. Whatever happened to "caring for the sick, and treating people with dignity. Looks to me like those days are gone forever, and that is really sad. I remember the days when it was actually enjoyable to be a healthcare worker. I know I'm dating myself, but am talking about the 60's and 70's.
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    Whatever Happened to Integrity! the Problem Seems to be Pandemic! ah!
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    I think things took a downhill slide when the folks in charge of hospitals began being people with a BIZNESS background, not a medical one. BIZNESS folks are $$$ oriented-bottom line. People with Healthcare backgrounds (Drs. & Nurses) understand what it is to care for folks, and that you can only cut so much. Obviously, it is Nurses who have the BEST understanding! This really gets to me-I find myself almost in a ranting and raving mode here-I began working as a LPN in '83. Hospitals in our area were run by MD's and a board. In '84 both hospitals shifted to the BIZNESS "model". We had a hospital CEO, and a "VP of Nursing," not a DON. I think it has all gone downhill, since then. I'm shutting up, and packing up. Sorry to have let myself get out of hand!

    I will say that I participated in a strike by FNA in Nov. '85 by picketing our hospital. At midnight the day before we were to walk out, the hospital capitulated. What an awesome day that was! You all take note-FNA means Florida Nursing Association. There are nursing unions in the South!
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    <FNA means Florida Nursing Association. There are nursing unions in the South!>

    I just came back from the United American Nurses business convention (UAN), the national RN labor union, of which the FNA is a part - as are the rest of the 26 unionized state associations in the ANA. The FNA gave a forum on unionizing in right to work states. They have a fight on their hands with those anti-union state laws of yours, but they are succeeding. Their presentation was very informative & very inspiring. Also participating were the unionized state associations of North Carolina, West Virginia, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Missouri, and Tennessee. Great nurses doing great things thru collective bargaining. Who says theres no nurses unions in the South?
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    Of course you all know that this is a tactic used by hospitals when in the heat of a union battle. Sometimes the CEO even suggests that they fire him. He did say that "the union would not get in over his dead body," so he would be more than willing, for the right price, to "sacrifice" himself. They always leave with a huge severence package. At times other management is "fired" also-like the VP of nursing, etc. The nurses are now suppose to think that the cause of all their problems is gone and they will vote no for the union. It works!!
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    I work at Palomar Hospital and wanted give everyone the inside story. (Mind you I have created a new user name to discuss this in light of the recent problems with posters getting "ratted out" to management for things they have posted here.)

    That aside. Our CEO was fired supposedly for "personality differences" with certain board members. He was let go with a substantial severence package of close to half a million dollars over the next few years. This money comes after 2 years of him giving himself bonus's of 30-40 thousand dollars. As for the rest of us, Last year instead of a Christmas party we all got raises that barely count for cost of living raises (we are one of the lowest paid hospitals in SD) Oh but we got twenty dollar gift certs for the local grocery store!!!
    For the last year we have been fighting to get the union in and management comes up with a barrier every time. The best was saying that any nurse who was a charge nurse or oriented new nurses more than twice a pay period were considered management and not allowed to vote or participate in the union. These nurses who perform these duties don't get any management perks mind you. So many nurses refused to be charge or orient.
    This is what is behind the "Tele Four". They were refusing to orient new nurses. They were suspended for several days and reprimanded. They were allowed back and were paid for the days they were suspened.
    The good news is now that the hospital has now recognized CNA as our union but now we just have to get our contract talks going.
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    <The best was saying that any nurse who was a charge nurse or oriented new nurses more than twice a pay period were considered management and not allowed to vote or participate in the union.>

    According to the recent Supreme Court decision on this topic in Kentucky, every hospital making that claim would first have to take it to court & PROVE why their charge nurses are supervisors. The Court, not the hospital, would decide based on the charge nurses duties. Congratulations for sticking together & protecting your rights. Notice that while the hospital tried to scare the RNs by making an example of a few & suspending them, the action was reversed & the nurses were paid for the lost time. To me, that means the hospital was wrong & the nurses won. The hospital seems to be throwing a tantrum & acting like a gorilla beating its breast to intimdiate the nurses into not unionizing. They picked the wrong group, huh? The fact that they had to recognize your union again means they lost & the nurses won. Good luck with your negotiations. Youre starting out on the right foot - unified.