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  1. pfleige

    question about urine drug screening

    Be honest, or try to pospone the test as long as you are taking the opioids for medical reasons and you feel you and your back are ok for the job. Honesty is probably best since they may do periodical testing and if you need to continue taking the meds eventually it will caught up with you! On the other hand depending on the facility you my be just writen off because of your back and since you have to take the physical anyways... I would try to postpone the test if it was easy to do and tell the truth about the your back in the physical and down play the medication taking a bit that way you are not lying just somewhat omiting or downplaying the situation, but you must be honest to yourself.
  2. pfleige

    Hi, I am new

    Welcome to the "Clan" fun place stick around!
  3. pfleige

    Speaking native languages at work...

    pfleige: You are in violation of allnurses posting rules and repetative posting of your website is being removed from posts that are not related. Please cease or your posting priveleges will be revoked, an action we really don't want to take. Moderators
  4. pfleige

    Ideas needed for improving nursing practice

    Hello Nurses: I would like to announce the addition of "Free Spanish one Phrase a Week With Audio-Voice Message" To my web site: spanish4nurses.com Sincerely, Pilar Spanish4nurses.com
  5. pfleige

    All dummies.......NOT!!!

    you bet, their ego gets in the way! You would think they will give you a pat in the back, but ironically only works that way sometimes.
  6. pfleige

    Foreign recruitment of nurses-thoughts?

    pfleige: You are in violation of allnurses posting rules and repetative posting of your website is being removed from posts that are not related. Please cease or your posting priveleges will be revoked, an action we really don't want to take.
  7. pfleige

    Allnurses.com ROCKS!!!!!!!!

    Yes, this is the only place I keep caming back, there is a lot of variety.
  8. pfleige


    Right On!!!!
  9. pfleige

    CE credits

    Free CEU directorY: http://medi-smart.com/freeceu.htm
  10. pfleige

    First appt. at college - in tears!

    take a math class. you will be using the european metric system, Look it up on altavista.com search engine ( just type what you want to learn and voila) in the internet. armed with a calculator and the internet if you want to learn, no one can stop you. It's no hard at all. Do not listen to the rumors and inuendo. Nursing is not that hard. You will be hearing it all the time but it's not that difficult. There are some nursing jobs that are more difficult than othersyou know your limitations, you can be in the profession without being a mathPRO. There are plenty of nursing sites with information on math related to nursing particularly some of the nursing students websites ( altavista: nursing students). I have been looking through them and I am pretty sure they have this kind of info some of them. ( check drug calculations) Good Luck
  11. Hello Nurses! I am the owner of Spanish4nurses.com I do have a few people interested in my classes wich will be starting soon, as soon as I get the technical part with th webCam figured out. In the mean time there is plenty of free resources on my site, as well as paid resources. I will announce the classes as soon as I am ready. Send your e-mail address if you are interested in the classes. I also have a subscription by e-mail for Spanish one phrase a week. Any one that has experience with WebCams and knows of a good place to meet, please contact me and I will give you a few classes for free. Any one that is interested is invited. It's a good idea to get a few people that are interested to join and ask your employer to help with the cost of the classes, if that does not work which it should you may share the cost and that will help. If you do not know any one that is interested, let me know if you are and I can make a small group with nurses from various areas of the country (right now I have about 4 that are interested) some webcam systems can have more that one person on the class and right now I am looking for the best place to do it. WebCams cost about 40 dollars but you can use it for other things. Also I beleive that your internet speed it's a must to have fast seed or medium speed internet (I have medium speed hopefully that will be enough.) Please review the materials so that you canparticipate and take the most advantage of the class. The classes will be conversatioal and role playing. This is the book I have and I recommend: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0750695978/spanishinterp-20/104-8948532-8426352Medical Spanish: The Instant Survival Guide by Cynthia J. Wilber, Susan Lister (It's Expensive but worth the price since it covers all aspects of health care) Sincerely, Pilar Fleige R.N. http://www.spanish4nurses.com
  12. pfleige

    nurse vs. doctor

    Power money and autonomy. no question about it!
  13. pfleige

    LOOK the part?

    I think image is good, but what I really look for is the person. The uniform does not make the nurse, the nurse makes the uniform.
  14. pfleige

    What is the chemo smell?

    There is also a defect of metabolism, I think is protein breakdown that some people allthough rare have that produces an smell all the time, this people have to practicly expend their lifes washing themselves. Not a good picture to have! If you come across it even outside of the hospital you will know!
  15. pfleige

    another new grad with with RN behind her name!