Canadian physicians protesting pay raises, advocating for nurses

  1. Canadian doctors protest their own pay raises

    Oh, Canada!

    Can you imagine anything even vaguely like this ever happening in the US?
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  3. by   TriciaJ
    This blows me away. I have heard that nurses in Quebec are poorly paid. My first thought on seeing the title of the article was "Socialists actually putting their own money where their mouth is?" As I read the article I thought "Wait. Medical students get paid?" Then I thought "Solidarity from such an unlikely source?"
    I'm thinking that if nurses and other staff are stretched beyond the breaking point, it has to have an impact on how physicians do their work.

    It looks like someone finally stopped blaming individual nurses for huge systems failures, rallied his colleagues and are trying to address the problem head on. Either the instigator(s) is a hero, or things finally got too bad to ignore.

    But I'm still blown away.
  4. by   Fiona59
    I'm Canadian and hadn't heard about this. I thought all Residents were paid!

    But I can see how they would protest to look good. Nursing and support service unions across the country are being offered 0% wage increases over three years, no COLA clauses, no retention packages and in some cases reduction of benefits. So if there is money for the Doctor side of the board, there should damn well be money for the rest of us.

    My union has been offered 0% for two years and a possible relook for the third year. No extra benefits, "just a be grateful you've got jobs" attitude. My contract expired March 31, 2017. I'm not permitted to strike because I'm considered an essential service. I live in a province that has what you would consider a left wing, socialist government. There is also an unofficial hiring freeze on all provincial staff and hospital workers are basically provincial (think state) employees.
  5. by   brandy1017
    That is truly a wonderful gesture so very compassionate and not capitalistic. I don't see it happening in America where greed trumps all and the people at the top feel they deserve to make all the money they can. Granted doctors don't make millions like the CEO's so they aren't really the rich ones and they have lots of expenses between student loans and overhead if they are independent practice. I believe they deserve their money and that primary care Doctors should be paid more. The CEO of the corporation that runs my hospital makes millions, spouting Christian mission talk while laying off everyone from transporters on up in order to secure his own bonus! That is where the real greed lies!
  6. by   Neats
    I grew up in the Yukon territory in Canada and would love to work back there as a registered nurse but alas they only are taking Canada nurses. I must say the providences fair worse than the territories in that where I came from we make do with what we have and expect nothing. I was born in Washington state so am an American. I can see why the providers are protesting, if they get it others will revolt because they did not get anything. I myself would be frustrated and start to think my value/worth. I think the providers are showing solidarity as they know the line staff carry the work load too.
  7. by   Canadian67
    I don't think the picture is fully presented here. The Quebec nurses are being forced to work 16 hour shifts or lose their jobs; they are horribly understaffed and underpaid compared to other jurisdictions. Many nurses are self-reporting as incompetent and surrendering their licenses in retaliation, doing what they feel is their only recourse.
  8. by   Oldmahubbard
    The article doesn't say what the nurses are paid.

    It's amazing how you can attract people to almost any job with the right compensation. As it should be.
  9. by   hppygr8ful
    Quote from elkpark
    Canadian doctors protest their own pay raises

    Oh, Canada!

    Can you imagine anything even vaguely like this ever happening in the US?
    Interesting that the letter also notes some very real problems with government run health systems where people are still apparently not receiving care they need as the government decides what's "Medically Necessary."