Nurses Week Giveaway - "ADWON: A Day Without Nurses."

Have you read "ADWON: A Day Without Nurses"?

Nurses With Cards was fun. Now, we're playing for keeps. Unlikely heroes and dangerous adversaries emerge as a controversial movement grips the Nation. Lola Jepson, hired to represent "A Day Without Nurses," and Robbi Hartford, a dedicated ER RN forced into the escalating conflict, face the harsh reality of millions of lives on the line, including their own.


Have you read "ADWON: A Day Without Nurses"?

When Senator Walsh summoned the wrath of the entire nursing profession, hundreds of nurses sent her thousands of decks of cards. I sent her a copy of this book and left her a phone message suggesting that the story would help her better understand the challenges facing our profession and provide her with some better uses for her legislative energy. I was hoping we might connect, since the story ironically ends in Senator Walsh’s hometown of Walla Walla, WA. So far, there’s been no response.

Free for Nurses Week: “ADWON: A Day Without Nurses.”

Several of the themes in ADWON: A Day Without Nurses were inspired and informed by discussions on Allnurses. This site carries constant tension between nurses who want to provide excellent care for our patients and a system which cripples our opportunity to do our best work. Discussions here provided the opportunity to refine core arguments for an improved healthcare system. The biggest trick was to embed it all in a story that captivates readers. Some creative friends added their artistry, and I’m proud of what we’ve done.


Some early Amazon reviews:

“This book was intriguing on many levels. I enjoyed the plot and characters and I could truly identify with many of the medical situations portrayed as an ER nurse myself! I actually cried during one of the later chapters. . . ADWON has some interesting perspectives to consider presented in a very creative way. Lots of twists to make it a fun read with no predictable outcome!” - Ann

“The plots were riveting and really hit home as the author very accurately portrayed the huge powers behind the frightening healthcare issues of today and those who are caught in the crosshairs.” - Shermar

“The fast-paced plot of A Day Without Nurses tackles one of the most important issues facing us today--priorities in the healthcare industry. The author doesn't pull any punches in her indictment of profit-motivated management. The ethical problems nurses must face on a regular basis (in addition to understaffing and day-to-day struggles) are enough to tear your heart out and leave it dangling by its capillaries. A moving tale: fictionalized, yes, but in essence, VERY REAL. Highly recommended.”- Embaker


Lola Jepson, a fearless, street-smart woman with a hidden past, is recruited by a clandestine employer to become a persuasive avatar, "the face of ADWON: A Day Without Nurses." Lola shines during some impressive interviews. She captivates the media, and the controversial movement takes off. Lola’s charismatic energy also attracts her mysterious and forbidden bodyguard–a perfect target for a strong woman torn between her desire for intimacy and her craving for conquest.

Robbi Hartford is a dedicated ER RN battling the new VP hired to cut costs. At the threat of losing her job, Robbi defies management's priorities by putting the needs of her patients above corporate profits. As ADWON gains momentum, Robbi is forced into the escalating conflict.

The two women discover they’re connected by more than an uncanny resemblance. Their paths converge as dangerous adversaries and unlikely heroes join the battle. When the countdown to a nationwide nurses’ strike hits single digits, Robbi and Lola face the harsh reality of millions of lives on the line, including their own.

One Teaser Clip:

“What about you? Are you in danger?” Max looks genuinely concerned.

“Yes. Beyond doubt. Soldiers go to war knowing they may lose their lives to protect those they care about at home. The horrendous short-term losses procure a better future. Given better options, they would prefer not to kill or be killed. The patient in ICU appointed himself the task of keeping me safe. In his absence, my best guess is that the risks are much higher now. Even though there’s a broad majority of support for the changes we seek, there are also determined and capable adversaries. There’s also no shortage of rogue resistance to the concept of ADWON. Individual nurses have been threatened by patients and family members. But, in the broader context, please remember that every three minutes someone dies from lack of access to healthcare in this country. None of us are safe until we fix this system. Nurses are not asking for something for themselves. They’re not asking for higher pay. They’re asking for constructive changes to our broken system.”

“Will ADWON be providing you any personal protection?”

“No. This is a movement with no central organization. Millions of supporters give it life and power, but there is no one here to walk me to my car after the interview, unless you’d like to do the honors, Max?”

“Miss Hartford, without a doubt, that is the most on the spot I’ve ever been in during an interview.” Max smiles and shakes his head.

“Well, Max, let me raise the bar one more notch. Suppose you had the power to wave a wand and adopt the path to change outlined in the Manifesto, would you do it?”

“Yes, I would. I will go on record stating I believe the changes would ultimately make us a better Nation, more just, equitable, and honorable.”

“So, if it was as easy as waving a wand, you’d do it?”


“But you don’t want to take the risk of walking me to my car?”

Max looks dumbfounded, visibly shaking his head which is the equivalent of a non-verbal ‘no.’

I would like to hear his answer, but I press on. “If change was easy, it would have happened a long time ago. If the sacrifice of some brave people now secures the future for generations to come, the spoils will be worth the cost of the hunt. So, Max, will you risk walking me to my car?” (p. 298)

Two ways to get it FREE:

1.) There is an unlimited number of FREE Kindle downloads available. Amazon can give you an app allowing the download to be read on virtually any device (Kindles, Nooks, Tablets, Smart Phones, computers…) You do not have to join Kindle unlimited to get it FREE from May 8 – May 12. Feel free to copy and share the link.

2.) Ten paperback copies have been donated. To enter the giveaway, imagine your workday. Start with the moment you enter the building where you work, the door you open, the hall you walk down, the time clock where you swipe your badge–imagine the opening minutes of your time on the clock. Then rewind the first few minutes and erase yourself, and any nurses who work with you, from the picture. Start again with the door that doesn’t open, the vacant hallway, the empty space you usually occupy, the tasks you usually accomplish now left undone, and the people who look to you for help who now have no one. Go through the emptiness until you focus on one profound moment in your version of A Day Without Nurses. Write a single sentence description of what you see happening. It’s okay to be funny, dark, bold, graphic, or prophetic. The top ten “Likes” will get a free paperback copy sent directly from Amazon.

Don't wait to post your description. Just like the early bird gets the worm... The early posts will get more likes... and a free copy.

I'm an ER staff RN by choice, and a published author as Robbi Hartford. "A Day Without Nurses" is dedicated to the millions of nurses who courageously care for the sick, injured, and emotionally disturbed. In a healthcare system where everything else can fail, nurses are your last line of defense.

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NutmeggeRN, BSN

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This morning I walked in to school and was met at the door by a student who "checks in" every AM, under the guise of needing hand lotion, but really needs to see one of the people necessary to the well being of his/her day.

  • Without a nurse, it could be a more difficult day for this child.

That was followed by an email regarding a field trip and the groups, who will be spread out all over town. I needed to identify the Epi pens and the triggers, the asthmatics, and any other issues that may pop up, like the child with a dx that may need a steroid injection. Or the kid who needs to eat due to hypoglycemia. Or to make sure that there is no peanut exposure for the one child who is contact allergic that can (and has) gone anaphylactic at a moments notice. (This information can only be shared with those that need to know and these are random groups, so the nurse needs to assure that all that need to know, do.)

  • Without a nurse, the potential for an exposure to a dangerous situation exists

Then the follow up with a student that got injured on Friday, requiring a trip to the ER, making sure everything is all set in their schedule, because their injury would preclude them form PE and other activities.

  • Without a nurse, the child might be too embarrased to ask for what is needed based on the nature o fthe accident and be unneccessarily uncomfortable.

The nurse reviews the incoming medical record for a new student on any given day. Flagging potential medical issues and immunization non complience

  • Without a nurse, a child might enter and not have the appropriate accomodations.
  • Without a nurse a child might be at risk or put others at risk for exposure if under immunized.

These are just a few of the many things a school nurse in school does in a school day. It would fall to others who are less qualified to make certain decisions. Understanding that not all school have a full time njurse, this is just my perspective and I hope that all would support a nurse in every school.


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I walk onto the busy Oncology unit. I am trying to get report but getting multiple calls from admin, lab, patients. I get report, one pt wants pain meds, one needs CT, one is waiting to DC, one admit coming, and one is on palliative and actively dying. Many people (AKA patients) have no support systems, no peeps, no one to call. Many different staff in the hospital see patients as just another patient.

  • Without a nurse many people would die alone in the hospital without the comforts (body, soul, and spirit) that a caring nurse can provide.

My.mother.and grandmother were nurses. I became one to ease pain,save lives. Proud to be a nurse... I reach out to my saviour daily just to get thru another shift. And he is at my side.....always....and sends me one more moment of sanity and strength. Yes I'm a nurse.....and one proud one.!!! Trudy Capone.

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No one to trust, no one to listen, no one to care, no one to hold that empty hand.

Has 38 years experience.

A male medical student and a female resident walk into a bar after their shift...the resident says..."I didn't know people could poop that much"! And student says, "Why didn't you tell me about the fecal management system"?

RobbiRN, RN

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17 hours ago, dumbnurse said:

A male medical student and a female resident walk into a bar after their shift...the resident says..."I didn't know people could poop that much"! And student says, "Why didn't you tell me about the fecal management system"?

I had to think about this one for a minute. In the context of a day without nurses, it's actually quite clever. I rolled a patient toward me to assist a young doctor with a manual fecal disimpaction. He dug out a wad of hard stool, rolled it into a turdball in his gloved hands, stared at it, befuddled for a moment, then set it on the clean chux behind the patient and announced, "okay, you can roll back now."

RobbiRN, RN

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Just a reminder that the 5 days for the FREE eBook download starts today. It climbed top #31 in the Paid in bestseller area for Medical Fiction yesterday before being moved to FREE area. Notice the price has gone to $0.00. Here's link again; feel free to share it:

To enter the contest for the FREE paperback versions, see the last paragraph of the article above.

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I work in ambulatory surgery unit. The nurses prep the patients for their surgery. Recover them, and then send them home.

The patient shows up for surgery, where is everyone?

Roy Hanson

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until our current Provincial Govt stops the cut backs..we nurses jobs are on teh chopping block. Our CEO spending is governed by Govt hand downs..aka $$$$$$

RobbiRN, RN

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5 hours ago, Roy Hanson said:

until our current Provincial Govt stops the cut backs..we nurses jobs are on teh chopping block. Our CEO spending is governed by Govt hand downs..aka $$$$$$

This is going a little off topic, but I ask where you are from?

Specializes in Critical Care. Has 4 years experience.

Without nurses patients would be falling, calling and bawling. Who can calm down an agitated combative patient through conversation alone?who can hold the hands of dying patients while ensuring they are pain free and comfortable? Who can give painful injections so quickly and carefully ensuring the process is the least painful all while encouraging, distracting and explaining? Who can get creative and get children to take bad tasting medications and injections? Who can ensure patients and families understand the end of life process and feel supported during terminal extubation and the decision process? Who advocates for patients when they feel decisions made don’t support what the patient wants? Who’s the one that does cpr, runs the code, and administers the lifesaving medications? Who questions the incorrect orders that can be detrimental to the patients’ health? Who writes cards with the mom who knows she won’t make it to her son’s graduation? Who catches a patient in middle of falling to break the fall so that the patient isn’t harmed?

We all know that you can’t have patients if you don’t have nurses!

happy nursing week to all the amazing nurses who give heart and soul to our patients and profession!