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dumbnurse has 37 years experience as a ASN, BSN, MSN, LPN.

26 years in surgical ICU, 10 years as an LPN, working in ICU, home health, and med/surg. Clinical educator part-time since 07 with BSN students, BSN, ADN and LPN students since 2013.

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  1. Negative feedback loop

    Awesome response thank you!
  2. Bellarmine May 2021

    Disclaimer: I am not a student but a nursing educator and I worked for Bellarmine part-time for 5 years as a clinical instructor. Also, I did not attend Bellarmine. First off, the money is big, needing a CNA is big and the time invested in the accele...
  3. Student professionalism

    As nurses we are expected to act professionally in our interactions with staff, patients and families. Our profession depends upon that expectation for accreditation, integrity and trust. So, when you have a student who is already in their mid twenti...
  4. Latest on RaDonda Vaught case

    As an instructor in clinical I browbeat the students with medication administration processes. Trying to get students to understand the nuances of doctors orders and what Pyxis will do is a challenge until they see those things written. As an instruc...
  5. Negative feedback loop

    I write this at the near end of a 35+ year nursing career. From my beginnings in Education in 2007 until now, I have watched and waited and hoped that more nurses would enter the field of education. While this may have happened to some degree, the nu...
  6. Dansko Shoes are killing my feet!!!

    SAS without a doubt the best shoe in the world for nurses. And now there are plenty of styles to accommodate the most discerning buyer!
  7. Aspiring Christian & Nursing student

    "Operative words there are "in the US." This is an international forum and osceteacher and myself are in the UK - unsure where other posters are from - and trying to proselytise and/or pray with patients in the UK can and will get you fired." And th...
  8. What does your username mean?

    I got pissed at the allnurses.com website one day after I could not retrieve my log on info for my alter ego username, which was my own fault, hence forever known as...
  9. Favorite Motivational Quote Nurses Week Contest

    "I teach as if any of my students will be the one to care for me". Me
  10. Make a Meme Nurses Week Contest

    "Damn right my pressure is high. How else am I gonna get my Viagra?"
  11. "Male nurses are only a little less annoying", said the ancient surgeon on rounds.
  12. Davey, I thought the patient was going to say, "Oh great, so which one of you gets the job"?
  13. Caption This Cartoon Nurses Week Contest

    'Whadda you mean, call respiratory therapy? That ain't no damn oxygen delivery mask"!
  14. A male medical student and a female resident walk into a bar after their shift...the resident says..."I didn't know people could poop that much"! And student says, "Why didn't you tell me about the fecal management system"?
  15. Unfortunately this points to a larger problem...we are all trying to do too much. Whether it's a sour relationship, stress on the job, multiple responsibilities, we all need to take a step back and remember to be mindful of ourselves and those close ...