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  1. by   caliotter3
    To waste time.
  2. by   SouthpawRN
    I'm a nursing student, but I saw my several of the RN's in my clinical using this forum when things slowed down to research issues and learn, so it seemed like a good idea to join.
  3. by   magnoliamockingbird
    I found this site over ten years okay when I was trying to find a reviews on a good stethoscope for nursing school. I got great advice then and this has been a great forum for information and sharing.
  4. by   Isakolistic
    I love watching people argue on the internet. Plus its about nursing stuff, so win-win.
  5. by   mamanrs937
    I joined because I was teaching nursing at the time and was looking for tips from more experienced nurses. I am not working at present due to health issues, but I still learn, laugh and cry with an.
  6. by   LauraF, RN
    I had forgotten all about AllNurses. It was linked to my old email. Thank goodness I have remedied that. I miss this group. It is nice to be able to talk to people of intelligence. Most people here can relate when you are having a bad day. There is more to nursing then passing pills and writing notes.
  7. by   AspiringNurse0223
    I'm an aspiring nurse! So trying to see everyone's points of views in the profession. But I must say, it is scaring me a bit :/ there has been quite a bit of negativity which worries me :s
  8. by   NICUorbust
    To learn new things, ask questions and get NO ******** answers from those in the field. I'm a 2nd yr student, 45 and while I LOVE this field, I want to be REALISTIC about my expectations haha.
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  9. by   Orca
    My reason for coming here is twofold - to learn and to teach. I learn new things all the time from reading what my colleagues say. I also have experience that may benefit some who are struggling, and I try to give them help and honest answers.
  10. by   NutmeggeRN
    Quote from Joe V
    Why do you visit allnurses.com??
    As a school nurse, this is my nursing station!!

    FWIW, I don't like seeing the posts on FB...
  11. by   homeschmomof4
    Enjoyed reading posts while I was still working on a Med-Surg floor...on my off duty bours, of course
    Trying to decide whether to go back to nursing after raising kids.
  12. by   Nursetom1963
    Im curious as to what you posted that would get a reply that would create/cause this reaction in you
  13. by   Nursetom1963
    I came here to connect with and ask questions of other nurses other than the ones in my facility

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