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NGYSUN has 10 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in ER, Med Surg, Ob/Gyn, Clinical teaching.

I love caring for people who cant care for themselves

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    CHSE Certification

    Hello, I am interested in obtaining a certification in simulation aka Certified Health Simulator Educator. I was wondering if we have anyone who have gone through the certification process and any tips on study resources/test prep site/books. Do...

    Teaching from Home Pros and Cons?

    Hello there, when you say metric can changing environment what does this mean as it regards WGU. I am interested in transitioning to online academia as well. Thank you!

    Precepting for New Nursing Educator? Not here!

    I was mentored from a 'distance'...with little contact with my mentor. I was never precepted.

    4hr lecture

    Thank you so much.. I am teaching OBGYN in ADN nursing program... I teach level 2 and level 4...

    4hr lecture

    You have a 4hours lecture, how will you keep your students engaged? What are the strategies you use that have worked for you? I want to reduce the use of looooong pages of ppt... I have included case study questions and a few videos.. I hate to have ...

    First day of teaching in a class

    I totally agree to not to bore students with ppt slides. A colleague of mine had over a hundred pages of ppt slides.. intact I think it was 126 or so.... our lecture duration is 4hrs.. but then I felt 100 is just too much... anyway thanks for the tip...

    First Instructor interview..... help

    In addition to pay being lesser than bedside. You may be asked to present a short teaching session. When I interviewed for an instructor position, in the first interview, I wasn't asked anything educator/Instructor related. It was the regular, tell m...

    Preceptors needed

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if any CNM or WHNP in Houston Tx area is available to precept? Kindly PM me. Thanks in advance

    Shadowing CNM or WHNP

    Does anyone know a CNM or WHNP who is willing to accept a grad student to shadow her/him in the Houston Tx area? Please PM me on suggestions? Thank you!
  10. NGYSUN

    Simulation Education

    Anyone have experience with simulation education? What resources were helpful to your developing simulation education skills? I was looking at the courses on NLN website and I was wondering if anyone did the online courses or which other nursing agen...
  11. NGYSUN

    Anyone taught OB/GYN

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone have taught obgyn in ADN program? I recently got a faculty position. I have some OBGYN experience but from outside the US - and this was over 5 years ago. So, one can say that I am quite rusty. And trust me things are...
  12. NGYSUN

    Nurse Educator Loan Faculty Repayment HRSA

    How do one apply?
  13. NGYSUN

    Summers off

    I am required to teach just one summer session each year. I just got a new educator job. we will see how the summer teaching goes.
  14. HONESTLY, I NEVER knew that the little clip was there, much less what it was used for.. And I've been a nurse for over 10years... LOL.. I laughed at myself when I read your post.
  15. NGYSUN

    First day of teaching in a class

    Thank you all.. A lot of good tips here!! I deeply appreciate y'all!