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We all have our reasons to why we wanted to become a nurse. Why not share them? What made you go into nursing school? What was your motivation in your quest to become a nurse? ... Read More

  1. by   jadelpn
    .....my rock and roll/modeling/acting career didn't work out.....
  2. by   kythe
    I went to nursing school with one thing in mind, and that was to become a Certified Nurse-Midwife. I haven't made it past LPN though, and I'm actually considering a different route to midwifery. Working in long-term care for the last 5 years isn't where I wanted to end up, and its taken its toll on me.
  3. by   BostonTerrierLoverRN
    I admit it, I did it so I could divert those foil top Grape Juices-now I'm hooked on them really bad, and I am trying to drink water, but shake badly, and get real twitchy. I will try to to quit before I get caught and have to face "the board!" I thought I could just have one on the weekends, and now I'm taking them off breakfast trays when there not used! What a slippery slope!
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  4. by   tyc1115
    my auntie has a stroke and my family was lost. so i decided to be a nurse to help out
  5. by   Anoetos
    I became a nurse because, after 25 years of working at stupid jobs, I wanted to do something with responsibility, prestige and which was intellectually challenging.

    Also, I like people and have a very high threshold for gross.
  6. by   BostonTerrierLoverRN
    Because I needed a job with flexible hours, a fresh clean workplace, cheerful co-workers, and I wanted to spend all my holidays at home with my family. Also, I love the challenge of trying to hold onto my bladder to see if it will really bust, or if you just loose control of it.

    I'm trying to loose a few extra pounds-so a job where you never get lunch was right up my alley!

    I like people watching, and where better to catch drama than a MD having a total meltdown because someone used the wrong kind of tape on his dressing change (even though it wasn't ordered that way).

    But, I suppose the biggest reason is because I got voted "most caring" in the fourth grade. (Not best looking, or most daring, or even most likely to succeed) so police, fire fighter, and rockstar was stolen from me. So, I brought my compassion, my love of working over and double-shifts, my never ending supply of surprises to admission questions, and love of answering call lights- so I put these qualities to good use in the Profession of Nursing.

    Plus, who wouldn't love all the new and exotic diseases that most only get to read about, or see on tv. Sometimes, rare though, you even get to make a difference- like telling the screaming raging family member in your face that "Visiting Hours" End at 9PM and it's 9:02 PM. Thanks, come on back again.

    Or, help a resident out by lending (giving them) your $150 Stethoscope, and many other supplies that obviously only a nurse is allowed to stop by on their own time with their own money to buy, we are like VIP's! We get to control the ice cream and pop sickles too! Who doesn't like ice cream!??!

    Yes, there is no other Job like it. One second your making a bed, the next your shoving a tube down (any organic hole possible), and pumping electricity into chests like Igor! If you like creative writing- have I got a career field for you!!!

    You get to design new things- like last night I made a "foot tent" to keep my favorite patient's gouty arthritic foot warm, yet keep the covers off his big toe! Next, I got to administer a gallon of Golytely to a sundowner! That was an adventure.

    Even though we don't get tips for getting the patient and family member's coffee right, we do get to wear what feels like pajamas to work, show me a waitress that can do that.

    And alas my favorite!!!- even though we face BM, Vomit, Blood, Guts, Staining Meds, dirty wheelchair wheels, and other colorful stuff- some facilities make us wear white, and even though that limits the the color choices of your chosen undergarments, it's cool to see your coworkers in some lights, and by the way- they don't make men's boxer briefs in "nude," so your co-workers will quickly know if your a boxer or brief man, hybrid, or worse commando (frowned upon). I can't imagine being anything else.
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  7. by   FranEMTnurse
    I have suffered a large part of my life which gave me a lot of insight on and compassion for others who suffer. I never liked it, so decided to become a nurse in order to help those who suffer or at least make them more comfortable. I love people, and I love to see them be happy and feeling the best they are able to feel.

    When I was a nurses aide, I saw how lonely some of them were, so I created a club for the men titled; "The Cracker Barrel Club." It met once monthly, and they enjoyed discussing the their life's experiences.

    A co-worker and I put on an occasional play for everyone also, and we helped out with arts and crafts so the women could get involved.

    I also published a monthly newspaper titled; "The Gay Nineties Review." I included a poetry section titled: "Life Begins at 80." I wrote a poem about 2 residents each month. The pile of newspapers, that laid on the nurses desk always disappeared quickly.
  8. by   kf15
    Economics. It is one of the last fields in this country that cannot be outsourced, which makes it valuable to get into. I wasted 4 yrs of my life earning an Engineering degree only to be told that my work is being done overseas for 1/2 the price. Life in this country has changed drastically and American labor is hated by corporations b/c of its cost. I learned very quickly to follow the demand. Of course I want to "help people"- myself, b/c noone else will!
  9. by   FlorenceNtheMachine
    I love people, and have cultivated talent at laughing at absurd behavior and shrugging stuff off.

    Any nurse that ever took care of me were great. Even when they were busy, they were so compassionate and skilled. I appreciate nurses, thank you all
  10. by   MImrie
    When I wad 5 I told my mother that I wanted to be a nurse, as she was standing at the stove cooking & I was watching her. I can still remember it to this day. I started my training as soon as I could, 2 weeks after my 17th birthday, (entry age was 17) & have never regretted it since. I'm now 42, & wouldn't want to do anything else. It's all I know, a career change would be very difficult now, as I know no other industry. Not that I'd want anyway. Love it too much.