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  1. kf15

    I Am Being Disciplined: What Now?

    Very well said. In school we are taught the Pollyanna "patient comes first" and in the reality of the workforce we learn (usually the very hard way) that the employer is the boss and you had better please the corporation. I educate the medical staff that reports to me, in a professional and intentionally vague way, to do right by the company, mgmt and the patient. The wise staff understand & work wisely, & in their best interests. But there are plenty who continue to see patients as wonderful needy humans simply in need of care, and not consider them as potential career enders. They are both, and should be treated appropriately as both. That said, I still like my career.
  2. kf15

    I Am Being Disciplined: What Now?

    I hear your dissatisfaction w/ a profit-driven workforce. I too was there, but I quickly got over those feelings after I was "released" from my 1st RN job of 2 yrs when an LPN on my shift made a medically unrelated, non harmful administrative infraction. I would learn afterwards that mgmt politics was driving the issue, but for me the result was my immediate dismissal by "human" resources OVER THE TELEPHONE on a 3 way call the next day. I was thrown out of my position like a bag of garbage by "human" resources and my DON, who wouldn't spend an ounce of energy in my defense. Only 2 yrs later would I rejoice when I learned that that DON was fired the same way, for an equally invalid reason. This is what happens in a "right to work" state. This is what profit driven corporations do. To bemoan the attitudes of the RNs laboring in this system is to miss the big picture- people are slowly developing the attitudes of their bosses and employers, mainly b/c noone feels secure. And they feel insecure for good reason, b/c corporations make sure that workers know they are replaceable. Oh, and many if not most patients are looking for someone to blame for any little thing. They complain about and berate the very people who keep them healthy and alive, and actually expect good smiling service in response. So basically, it is people at all levels who are responsible for the "attitude" we see everywhere. Only when the country changes en masse wil things improve.
  3. kf15

    I Am Being Disciplined: What Now?

    Great! I could not have said it better. This country is a 100% pro corporate environment, which means corporations (which are now "people" thanx to Justice Roberts and his republican Supreme Court) and corporations have a single goal- profit. So do right by the corporation and keep the patient in mind as you go along, and you should be fine. But think of yourself as you perform your job b/c NOONE else cares about us. Not the company, and not the patients. It's not all so bad once you get used to it, it's just modern reality, and it's the SAME in all fields.
  4. kf15

    Being around alot of women....Pros and Cons

    Let me offer some real world advice- if you consider yourself in school to work and learn and graduate, then pass Nclex, then do yourself a HUGE favor and be friendly w/ the girls but don't expect much support from them. Maybe you can find 1 or 2 who are very serious student, but the majority will be text messaging and Facebooking thru the class, then gossiping about their miserable boyfriends afterwards. They're very insular and will really only share w/ other girls, and they're like that in the workplace too, so be smart and stick w/ the winners.
  5. kf15

    The Problem with Nursing

    That guy belongs on the debate team not nursing school; he's only interested in dissecting everyone's response in hopes of proving himself right. His grossly excessive intensity at such an early point BEFORE his nursing career has even started tells me he will not survive long..... anyone in this field knows we must be incredibly flexible and adjust to every annoying personality type, such as his, and let it go by day's end. And I disagree completely w/ his saying experience is not required- it is req'd if you're gonna make broad brush assessments about "the field" when you haven't even worked in it yet. I feel sorry for his fellow students.
  6. kf15

    Pima Medical Institute

    Well that feeling came from their rude and dismissive treatment of me as I was awaiting word of my acceptance status as a student. I had literally MOVED out to AZ to switch fields into nursing and was working w/ that school and was awaiting my status, as THEY PROMISED ME, so this was a Pima timeline and they were past it- over the course of an ENTIRE WEEK I had contacted every single intake person then worked up the chain until I had politely and patiently personally left VMs for everyone on staff (noone was ever there!). So I drove to Apollo and had a great interview and was basically accepted on the spot due to my high intake performance and proven academic record. So to this day I resent PMI and their rude and unprofessional staff and philosophy of treating incoming students as cattle; keep them waiting until they feel like choosing their favorite one. Believe it or not they called like 2 months later saying a spot was open- I enjoyed sharing my feelings w/ them and slamming the phone down!
  7. kf15

    Nursing Stereotypes and a Dumb Society

    I like that idea; my current position is RN night shift lead w/ 2 Lpn's under me in "corrections", not the clinical exposure I'd have liked but upon graduation last May I was ecstatic to have gotten ANY offer, much less such a secure f/t spot. What bothers me greatly is that we're all referred to as "nurses" there! Since Lpn's are paid less (and less qualified) than Rn's the ratio is like 4:1, and I've argued loudly and clearly several times that titles matter- that accomplishments matter- and that we're actually Rn's and Lpn's here. Naturally their comeback was "we're all nurses" just different levels.... my response to this Lpn who is currently working his arse off to do the Lpn-Rn transistion was "you may like that catchall phrase now b/c it includes you in the upper tier of Rn's, but you will Not feel that way when you've finally earned your Rn lic, and suddenly the phrase includes you in the Lpn crowd from which you just graduated." I call Dr's Dr, I have no problem recognizing and giving credit to those who have earned their titles; no we are not "all nurses" ...... we are Rn's, Lpn's, Cna's...... so yes let us move forward w/ a new job title that does not lump us all together into a messy blob of sameness! Any Rn recognizes the immense sacrifices and effort that it took to finish that last semester, successfully complete all clinicals, maneuver the politics of school/hosp, apply for jobs and network, and prepare for and pass Nclex! Lpn's do not have these accomplishments under their title.
  8. kf15

    How important is GPA while in Nursing school?

    This will sum it up- shoot for A's but expect B's most of the time; the most imp thing to do is actually LEARN deeply the material w/ an eye on integrating it into a "big picture" for nclex later...... I was "outscored" by many fellow students who worried themselves physically SICK, but I had a relatively easy time prepping and passing nclex.
  9. kf15

    Nursing Stereotypes and a Dumb Society

    No, personally I hate virtually all medical shows, it's just not entertaining to watch the fantasy crap version of western medicine, when you're immersed in the reality so much..... I like my time away, forget about it.
  10. kf15

    Nursing Stereotypes and a Dumb Society

    Hey I feel the same way but none of us who made it this far should think much about what the typical (uninformed) American believes an RN does. We're surrounded w/ idiots who fight AGAINST insurance reform and who blindly believe what corporate paid entertainers say on Faux News. I started overnites as team lead RN in corrections right off of passing Nclex and I do far more, independently and properly, than the large group of "experienced" Rns and Lpns on dayshift do. I have to, I'm alone! Unfortunately there is no glory in this niche either, I'm barely even recognized by my mgmt; due to the lousy work environment in hospitals I'm in no rush to work there, even tho it would be more rewarding and challenging. I like to dazzle the simpletons w/ just rushing some medical speak past them quickly, makes their heads spin!
  11. kf15

    Pima Medical Institute

    Well if that's your goal then you know what you have to do to prepare, so I wish you well! Personally this type of idiotic testing is just about my biggest pet peeve in modern life- high pressure, rapid fire testing of students in no way, shape or form determines the slightest level of qualifification for a registered nurse. I earned a BS Engineering degree several years before I went towards nursing, and had to refresh on the basic math b/c it's the First skill to be forgotten, in spite of doing 5 3 levels of math past calculus 3. I guess Pima is more interested in bringing on students who can control their anxiety and blood pressure instead of motivated, intellegent students who can critically think, which is what nursing requires.
  12. kf15

    A Question to Nurses and Nursing Students.. HELP ME!

    Um, no I personally do not believe that way, not do I believe that I was "pulled" or guided or whatever to get into nursing. Not to be overly philosophical, but if you are completely "meant" to be a nurse by some higher power then every detail will fall into place by itself; I'm thrown off track by your conflicting messages and it just doesn't click. Let me suggest that you listen to and trust YOURSELF for a few weeks, that's the ultimate guide.
  13. kf15

    Why should I be a nurse if it's so awful?

    Hey don't turn your back on this field just b/c of what seems to be a huge # of bad posts; I passed Nclex last April and started f/t right away and was lucky enough to get a great paying job- But I work 7p-7a which I hate and am not learning much, but since we're mired right now in a miserable depression w/ few new jobs, I'm happy to be paying off bills. I've worked in several other professions and nursing is ultimately no different- you have workers who invest their hearts and bodies and believe that they're making a difference, and you have gigantic corporations whose only goal is to reduce costs and maximize worker output. They all speak of "valueing" their workers. Right. In the middle are the rest of us, earning salaries and doing daily grunt work. I work in a non-traditional nursing field and probably could not tolerate medical surgical nursing, altho every field practically demands experience in it, and the hospitals refuse to hire new grads to give them that mandatory exposure and experience. ( this is what nursing has in common with every other field- laser focus on hiring only workers w/ great "experience" and skills while abjectly refusing to hire newer grads to provide them that mandatory experience. It's infuriating but that's the new American reality. What you need to do is research the many branches of nursing and find something suitable- MILLIONS of old people that will be flooding the healthcare system very shortly, demanding services, and somehow this country will pay for that, but that creates a huge demand for us healthcare workers. So in a country mired in a loooong recession, nursing is still a great career choice ( on top of caring for others).
  14. kf15

    Fresenius as an employer?

    Natkat thanks for that informative reply; I've been told to get a few "shadows" in at some dialysis facilities to get an inside glimpse at the culture, you know the real inside story of how that facility runs. Currently I work in "corrections" which is a great job for a recent grad (4/09) but quite unchallenging/unfulfilling, I'm a science guy and loved the complexities of physiology during school, so yearn to get into more involved work. Question- if you were to ever leave the dialysis field, what areas would you consider? What skills have you learned working there?
  15. kf15

    Fresenius as an employer?

    Can I ask if you had medical surgical or Icu exp like is so broadly touted on this forum? I'm out in AZ and am coming up on completing my 1st yr of work exp but it's light on this type of experience. Nowadays it's virtually impossible to get into a hosp to get the exp that everyone demands, plus it's almost become a seasonal type of work since out here the old people leave when summer comes, the census drops, and they fire everyone!! That's why I took the job I have now, it is virtually guaranteed fulltime work and the pay is at the top for a new grad.....BUT....... I hate nights and am not getting longterm career-building exp, so am ultimately not satisfied, really just making good $$.