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I plan to work this upcoming Thanksgiving night. But, you know what? I really do not mind working on the holiday at all. I am a single gal with no family of my own, and even though a close friend... Read More

  1. by   MedChica
    This is the truth.
    I've taken to another suggestion from a poster on this site:
    Anytime I start complaining or something stressful happens? I just go online and look at my bank account...or take the money out my wallet -- and look at it....or repeat the following sentences in my head:
    "$20 an hour. $20 an hour."
    "I'm a new LVN with two jobs when an untold number can't get one."

    That tends to keep things in perspective.

    Really. I lock myself in the employee bathroom and meditate. My coworkers think it's hilarious.
    I go to the bathroom to rest because it's the only place where I can get any peace. Sad, isn't it?
    The aides find me in the breakroom. The lock's broken so the pt's just follow me into the breakdown. They shouldn't even call it a 'BREAK' room.
    Sometimes? I just go in there to sit down and I'll tell you something else? I'm not the only one....
    My feet hurt! Sometimes, I need a breather. I work psych and there's always a fire to put out.
    I once said that i've never work in a regular LTC. But, you know -- LOL.
    I went to another job to fill out an application, yesterday. It was sooooo quiet. No one was arguing. No one was 'manic'. No 'borderlines' were ranting and raving. No sundowning elders. No one getting out of their chair and falling. No elder rage. No 'cripple fights'. No pacing dementia/Alz residents. No earworms strategically positioned about the nurse's station. Giving me ulcers. LOL
    "Help us. Someone, please help us. Help us. Someone, please help us. Help us. Someone, please help us. Help u--"

    The MedPass...easy. The staff didn't have to practically beg the pt's to take their medication or check for cheeking.
    What the--?
    The residents were all lined up to take the meds. What the--? I was completely weirded out.
    LOL Now you know that doesn't happen when you're working with geri's who have behavioral issues. You have to hunt a fair amt down. You try to give meds to a paranoid schizo and you might get cursed clean out and damned to hell!
    "I'm not taking any g/d meds. GOD TOL' ME NOT TO TAKE THE MEDS! NO, GOD SAID! GOD SAID!!!!"

    I love my mentally ill geri's. But...the other side of the fence is looking mighty green. LOL
  2. by   SuzieF
    I agree with you. As nurses, we have so much to be thankful for. I also don't really mind working on the holidays. There is usually an extra spirit of community comradery with most folks on theses days, too.
    At my work, we shared a Thanksgiving meal together. It had a special family atmosphere to it. These are reasons that I don't mind working on holidays.
  3. by   Mbfromnb
    Thank you for your wise words and insight. As a nurse who retired after 36 years in Med-surg, day surgery and clinic work I now take pride in knowing I was able to contribute in many ways that not many people are able to. I am always moved when I hear that nurses are consistently the profession that is most respected. Happy Thanksgiving to all my sisters and brothers in nursing, those who are still showing up through thick and thin and those who have hung up their scrubs and stethoscope etc.
  4. by   gizahon
    May God bless us all nurses, lol and everybody!!!!!!
  5. by   BeenThere2012
    I relate to all your points. In addition, I am especially grateful to have any job at all and especially as a nurse. This has been a hard couple years for my family and me, and so I am especially grateful for it all!
  6. by   Kooky Korky
    Thanks to all who work on holidays, weekends, etc., especially when they would rather be home or with loved ones on a great vacation.