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I figured we need a place to post short tidbits about why our coworkers are great. Besides, I often have random little comments about this, but not really enough to start a post, so here's one post... Read More

  1. by   Lennonninja
    My (former) coworkers are great because 5 of us went to a long time patient's funeral together yesterday. Two of them had known this patient for 20 years, I knew them for 2 years, and the other two had known them for 1 year. The family was so happy to see us and thanked us profusely. Definitely a special group of people, glad I got to work with them.
  2. by   Aurora77
    I am so fortunate to work with a great team of nurses and CNAs. We actually respect and like one another. If something needs to be done, it gets done. Very rarely (and only from a couple of people) do we hear "oh, that's not my patient." I know that if I ever have a concern about a patient, I can find my charge nurse and/or other nurses and get help. I can't believe how lucky I am with my first nursing job. Not only have I gotten to take care of a wide variety of patients, it's been in an amazingly supportive environment.

    Overall, my whole hospital is this way. I've floated to almost every department and always been treated fairly and given the help and tools I need to succeed on that floor.
  3. by   itsmejuli
    I work in a large geriatric facility as a homecare supervisor.

    Tonight I had to call EMS, yet again.

    I am so grateful that the majority of the EMS folks who come out to our lodge are very pleasant and patient with our old people.

    Tonight's LOL was in terrible pain, EMS wasted no time getting her IV morphine and gravol. Off to hospital she went, thanks
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  4. by   gap8383
    Great memories for me as well. I think the best stories that I remember from past years are the ones where you get to see patients recover and go on to live happy, awesome lives. You get to see God work in miracles and see families restored. I can always picture in my head watching families walk out of the hospital with new lease on life, and a new focus. It never got old.
  5. by   sharpeimom
    I especially remember the night I sat one-to-one with a patient who was actively threatening to
    kill herself. I had notified the MD and had followed his orders. I ended up sitting at the bedside
    holding the patient's hands almost all shift. Finally the meds kicked in and she fell asleep.

    It had been literally hours since I had eaten or gone to the john. When I came out of the bathroom,
    my shiftmates had called the kitchen, who had whipped up a special breakfast just for me. A coworker
    had picked it up.

    I almost cried.
  6. by   Anna-s
    My co-workers aren't (besides one or two)
  7. by   LadyFree28
    Despite that we work long hours, do insanely everything to make our private non-profit run, while the wealthy board members have NO respect for what we do, we find a way to laugh, work as a team, and be our sounding boss if we need one! I will miss them when I start my job in February, but I get to "visit" as I will stay per diem!