I met an angel, my OB nurse

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    This is about a nurse who touched me in a special way. I had my baby almost two years ago, and yet I still remember how it felt like to have a wonderful nurse at my side. I just had to let this out. I know there are a lot of nurses out there who do good work. Whenever I hear the word "hero" I think of that nurse because that was what she was to me that day. Thank you to all great nurses out there, you rock!!!!

    I think of her all the time. I know in secret places of my heart, that I wish to one day touch a life as she touched mine. My OB nurse.

    I think of her more often now, as my OB rotation for next semester draws near. I ask myself if I could ever be, 1/10th of the nurse she was to me that day. I bend my knees in prayer, and ask God, to engrave it in my heart, that I must daily strive to be, what she was to me.

    We checked into the hospital that morning, expecting our very first child. We were fearless and excited... you know complications happen to others and really not to us. Everything was going fine, and really I cannot tell what we expected. The nurse who admitted us was good, and she seemed to know what she was doing.

    Then came the change of shift, and with it came my nurse. I claim her for myself, because she brought with her a light. The kind of light you cannot ignore, the light of passion and love for her job. To be truthful, she did what other nurses do, just with so much more love and passion, and add to that a grain... no two grains... no lots of grains of compassion, and I swear I could feel her genuine love for people.

    She seemed to understand, just how excited and proud we felt for our first baby, and she spent every minute she could with us, to coach and encourage us. I cannot over emphasize how much her presence meant, especially when the complications started, and we went for an emergent C-section.

    All of the time in the operation room was a fuzz, and I can hardly remember what happened, except of course the part where I saw my nurse praying with my husband, just before we were moved out of the room. And to be honest, I cannot tell, if the peace I felt at that time was the effect of anesthesia, or just the joy of seeing a total stranger pray for me.

    Everything went well, thank God, and we were delivered of a healthy baby. Then I got to see her again, my nurse, and this time with my baby. She taught me to breastfeed my baby, and listened to all my confused tales. She answered all my questions patiently, even when I got impatient with myself.

    Maybe I did not expect much, and tried my best to please. But I will never forget my OB nurse, who made my birth experience a memorable one. How I wish I had the guts, to be an OB nurse, but no, unfortunately I know I do not. So I cannot help but pray, that wherever God lets me serve, I may touch lives just as she did mine... my OB nurse!!!

    I will love to read about great nurses who have touched you too. Thank you.
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  3. by   duckydot28
    That's the kind of nurse I hope to be someday, too. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful story.
  4. by   BSNbeauty
    These kind of stories is what makes me want to strive to be the best nurse I could be everyday. Thank you for sharing and congrats on the birth of your baby!
  5. by   L&D<3
    Thank you for sharing your story. I had a very similar experience to yours and the fact that I didn't deliver the way I had seen so many other women deliver made me really disappointed in myself for a really long time after the birth of my little one. Looking back, there was a nurse midwife who tried every last thing she could to help me deliver vaginally. She worked with me for hours and I never saw a hint of frustration or disappointment in her face. Her determination was contagious and I will never forget her. It's so special to be cared for by the type of nurse you can aspire to be one day!
  6. by   HikingEDRN
    I had my son early on a sat morning (as in 1am). I had a wonderful, compassionate weekend option postpartum nurse who took care of both of us all weekend. I was a brand new mom who had previously thought if I read enough books, this "mom thing" would be a piece of cake - lol. The best part is that a friend from nursing school started in that unit 3 years later to the month. I still remembered the nurse's name, she was still there, and my friend was able to tell her that after 3 years, a patient still remembered her wonderful care.
  7. by   CindysBrain
    I had a very similar experience with the birth of my daughter almost seven years ago. My nurse was incredible! Years later I volunteered at the same Mother & Infant unit as I was applying to nursing school. And as luck would have it I had the opportunity to work with her one day. I took a moment in the locker room to tell her how wonderful my birth experience had been because of her. She smiled from ear to ear and from that day on she always showed me a special kindness. A sisterhood. I too am about to begin my OB rotation in a couple of weeks and she always serves as my role model. Good luck!
  8. by   CAZRN
    When I had my daughter 7 years ago my OB nurse was the greatest. She delivered my daughter herself when the Dr. couldn't make it. I now am a co-worker of hers and she is a great mentor. nurses rock
  9. by   Kooky Korky
    Alicia at Kaiser was our nurse. We are grateful to her still, all these years later.
  10. by   monkeybug
    Great post! And it does this former L&D nurse's heart good. I can remember hearing this during a stat section: A tiny voice from behind the drape, "Is Monkeybug in the room? Are you here?" I left my paperwork and rushed to the head of the table to assure her I was still there. "As long as you're still with me, I'll be ok." That was worth more than any paycheck.
  11. by   servewithlove
    So glad to hear the wonderful experiences of others. I think having a wonderful Ob nurse is a blessing, especially for those who plan on having more than one kid. Lol
  12. by   sistrmoon
    I had a very special L&D nurse as well...who cared for me compassionately during my 17 week loss(and confided that she'd had 4 losses as well), and a little over a year later, she admitted me to deliver my rainbow baby. She visited us both in postpartum to ensure we'd come through the C-section okay. Something like that definitely stays with you.