Thank you Mrs. O

I am an only child; growing up my father was never around, and my mother was an alcoholic who spent more time at the bars then at home with me. One might think that I grew up lonely, or with a deep seeded resentment or bitterness, but this could not be further from the truth.


Thank you Mrs. O

There was always one amazing woman in my life growing up; Mrs. O was my best friend's mother. Mr. and Mrs. O had an incredible marriage, and a loving home life. They were the type of parents that I longed to have; they were supportive, involved, and nurturing towards their children. Thankfully for me, Mrs. O treated me as if I were one of her own.

Mrs. O would feed me, and talk to me about my day; she would cheer on my successes, and let me cry on her shoulders about my failures. Mrs. O never made me feel inept because of my home situation; she never made me feel less than because I came from a broken home.

I can remember one night, I must have been about ten, I was at Mrs. O's house and it was getting quite late.

My mother had been due to pick me up, hours before, but she was drinking at the bars instead. Mrs. O sensed that I was worried and scared, and she sent my best friend out of the room so we could talk. Mrs. O held me as I cried to her about my feeling unloved, she allowed me to express my feelings, and she let me know how truly special I was, and how much she loved me.

Mrs. O prepared a bed for me, and told me that I would just spend the night there. She made me feel so welcome; I knew, right then and there, that no matter what was going on at home, that I would always have a home with her.

Mrs. O was the most incredible woman I have ever known, and I am telling you her story because Mrs. O was also a Registered Nurse. She was using her nursing skills and training to assess and intervene on my behalf; she was advocating for me when I needed it most. Mrs.

O made me feel accepted, loved, and cared for, but most of all, Mrs. O made me feel safe. She allowed my insecurities to fall by the wayside, so that I may grow into a strong, capable young woman.

Looking back, I truly believe that it was the nurse in Mrs. O that came to my rescue when I needed her most. Mrs. O looked at me, and the obstacles I was facing, and thought not how will those obstacles keep me down, but how could she help me to rise above, in spite of them. I wanted to become a nurse so that I may make a profound difference in someone else's life, the way Mrs. O did in mine.

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There are many incredible human beings in the world willing to help someone in need. A lot of them are nurses becuase nurses care. Mrs O sounds like a wonderful person and you are so fortunate to have her in your life.


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I was truly blessed to have her in my life, unfortunately she died when I was 20. Her death was almost as hard on me as it was her own daughter.

Mrs O didn't live long enough to see what I have become today, a new graduate nurse about to start her first nursing job. Yet somehow I know she is looking down on me & brimming with pride.

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This is a testament to the difference one person can make in a child's life. Not all nursing is done at the bedside and Mrs. O surely knew this. God bless her for her care, and God bless you for paying it forward. :redbeathe


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Thank you walkingon.

I truly know the difference one person can make



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I enjoyed reading your story. I'm glad that even though you were put on the low road, you made it to the high road, less traffic. You have been bless with an inspirational person in your life, and you recognize that.

Thanks for sharing your story.


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Thank you for sharing something so personal (tears fell so easily while reading this). God Bless you and I'm sure Mrs. O is looking down and smiling with pride. Not only at the fact that you became a nurse, but also because you ARE paying it forward.:nurse: Congrats to you and Good luck on your new job!:yeah:


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Great story thanks for posting

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Wow, your article really hit home. Mrs. O was a special lady who saw a young woman in need, came to your rescue to guide you where you needed to be to accomplish your life's goal. You were blessed to have this wonderful lady/nurse in your life. Truly I believe nurses have this innate ability to see strife, a need for nurturing, for those we meet through life, and step up to assist/help when able from our hearts. A nurses heart is never empty, we are forever giving! Just a thought?

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Excellent testimony to Mrs O and everyone else like her. Thank you for posting your wonderful story. I believe Mrs O's caring inspired you to become a nurse. God Bless you my dear, and wishing you a wonderful career in nursing. My niece also graduated this year, and she told me it was the example I set that inspired her. I never knew.:nurse:


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Franemtnurse, so true we sometimes never know whose lives we touch.

Thank you for your kind words, and for inspiring a new nurse!


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Aww, now this made me cry.. I wish I had had a Mrs O... I am sorry that you lost her so soon, as well... :redbeathe