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walkingon has 10 years experience as a CNA, LPN and specializes in LTC, Assisted Living.

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  1. walkingon

    10 Signs You Might Not Have The Job

    J.Adderton…I wish I knew. Maybe they had to interview a certain number of candidates or something. Just wish they’d have been straight up about it. Frustrating with no feedback to know what I’d done wrong. But the job hunt carries on.
  2. walkingon

    10 Signs You Might Not Have The Job

    This happened to me very recently. Red flag #1: not hearing from the company for nearly three weeks after the initial interview. (at this point, I already knew they probably weren’t interested and wasn’t hopeful, but played along anyway because I r...
  3. walkingon

    Journey Through Menopause

    Thanks for raising awareness on this topic! Just wanted to add that, for those on Reddit, there is a sub with a wealth of information and support for menopausal women. It’s been super-helpful to me and lots of others. r/menopause
  4. walkingon

    Question about time management

    Thank you for that useful comment! No sarcasm intended at all. We did, very recently, get a new phone system with a phone tree and voice mail that automatically routes the calls to the appropriate staff (mostly), and that’s solved about 75% of the ...
  5. walkingon

    Memory care-Can you pass meds in the dining room?

    The dining room is where we pass the meds at my facility. We pre-set the meds on trays with their patient identifiers and take the trays around rather than drag the cart. Never heard of not being allowed to pass meds in the dining room. We don’t d...
  6. walkingon

    Hospital Terminating RNs for Travel Nursing

    Thank you for the information! Wasn’t sure how it worked. 🙂
  7. walkingon

    Hospital Terminating RNs for Travel Nursing

    Slightly off topic here, but how does one join a union when there are none locally? I live a union-busting at-will employment state. Is it possible to join one elsewhere?
  8. walkingon

    Violence is Not "Just Part of the Job"

    As a memory care nurse, my co-workers and I work under a shadow of threat of violence daily. How do you fight back when you’re fighting restraint-free cognitive impairment? How do you deal when you’re getting your a** kicked by a delusional person ...
  9. walkingon

    6,500 Nurses to Go Out on Strike 09/20/19 in Four States

    I wish I had the stones to do this. I’m just a LPN working AL, but >30:1 is getting old. I will probably lose my job and be blackballed where I live, should I attempt to organize in this right to work State.
  10. walkingon

    Why do LPNs only make $40K per year?

    How did you get into case management? Seems like around where I live you need to be a RN for MDS or case management. Would love to get a chance at that kind of job!
  11. walkingon

    What Did You Get For Nurses Week?

    Our facility does nothing for Nurse's Week other than to say thank you in the daily meeting. They talk a good talk about how wonderful and appreciated we are, but the lack of action kind of negates the words. I don't expect big expensive gifts, but...
  12. walkingon

    A Rough Nursing Shift...

    It was one of these shifts from hell yesterday, what a relief to walk out of there knowing I was off today!
  13. walkingon

    I Love Night Shift

    No way could I stay awake for night shift. If I thought I could, I'd totally do it. No meals to work around, no demanding family members, no state, no management, and a little bit better pay.
  14. walkingon

    Is working as LPN in Nursing home easy?

    Probably the most concise and accurate description of LTC nursing I've ever read.
  15. walkingon

    Assisted living

    No way would I take that job. I work in a small AL memory care facility. Most often, I am charge nurse working with one QMA and 3 CNAs (day shift) for 40 people, and it's very, very difficult...so much so that I'm contemplating leaving long-term ca...