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walkingon has 11 years experience as a CNA, LPN and specializes in LTC, Assisted Living, Surgical Clinic.

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  1. 10 Signs You Might Not Have The Job

    J.Adderton…I wish I knew. Maybe they had to interview a certain number of candidates or something. Just wish they’d have been straight up about it. Frustrating with no feedback to know what I’d done wrong. But the job hunt carries on.
  2. 10 Signs You Might Not Have The Job

    This happened to me very recently. Red flag #1: not hearing from the company for nearly three weeks after the initial interview. (at this point, I already knew they probably weren’t interested and wasn’t hopeful, but played along anyway because I r...
  3. Journey Through Menopause

    Thanks for raising awareness on this topic! Just wanted to add that, for those on Reddit, there is a sub with a wealth of information and support for menopausal women. It’s been super-helpful to me and lots of others. r/menopause
  4. Question about time management

    Thank you for that useful comment! No sarcasm intended at all. We did, very recently, get a new phone system with a phone tree and voice mail that automatically routes the calls to the appropriate staff (mostly), and that’s solved about 75% of the ...
  5. Is Nursing Still a Good Profession?

    I’m no longer happy at my job in AL memory care and haven’t been for awhile but not wanting to leave nursing because there are so many other opportunities out there. I’m not a young woman, though, and only have nursing home experience. Not sure what...
  6. How do you guys do it for so long?

    Sounds like a dream job to me! How does one find such a position, and is 10 years as a floor SNF/AL LPN qualification enough?
  7. Question about time management

    Thank you so much for this! I actually made a paper with these bullet points and taped it to my clipboard for referral to make this train of thought a habit. Already knew this as well, but the biggest time-suck I face is having to answer the facili...
  8. Memory care-Can you pass meds in the dining room?

    No, it’s a small memory care assisted living facility. State watches us set and pass meds from our trays when they’re in the house.
  9. Question about time management

    JKL33, I feel really dumb asking this, but could you expound on the difference between patient’s (in my case, resident’s) needs and employer’s preferences/fantasies? Something inside really took notice of that statement and made me realize I have a ...
  10. Memory care-Can you pass meds in the dining room?

    The dining room is where we pass the meds at my facility. We pre-set the meds on trays with their patient identifiers and take the trays around rather than drag the cart. Never heard of not being allowed to pass meds in the dining room. We don’t d...
  11. Hospital Terminating RNs for Travel Nursing

    Thank you for the information! Wasn’t sure how it worked. ?
  12. Hospital Terminating RNs for Travel Nursing

    Slightly off topic here, but how does one join a union when there are none locally? I live a union-busting at-will employment state. Is it possible to join one elsewhere?
  13. sexual predator at the nursing home/ assisted living unit

    Where I work, (memory care AL) men with a hx of documented sexual behaviors are given IM Depo-Provera, which generally works pretty well from what I’ve seen. Of course, families are consulted and give consent.
  14. Violence is Not "Just Part of the Job"

    As a memory care nurse, my co-workers and I work under a shadow of threat of violence daily. How do you fight back when you’re fighting restraint-free cognitive impairment? How do you deal when you’re getting your a** kicked by a delusional person ...
  15. 6,500 Nurses to Go Out on Strike 09/20/19 in Four States

    I wish I had the stones to do this. I’m just a LPN working AL, but >30:1 is getting old. I will probably lose my job and be blackballed where I live, should I attempt to organize in this right to work State.