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I'm submitting a song & music video honoring our nurses & healthcare workers. It would be my privilege to get this out to as many of you as possible.

Music has a way of touching people that can heighten awareness to societal issues. I was so touched and humbled that Mary Gauthier, my friend and singer songwriter thought the song beautiful.

Please consider sharing this letting our nurses and all healthcare workers feel the love.. you are our true heroes "In This Time"

Looking Towards a Better Year,


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MP3 available - [email protected]


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Thank you @Gousterman  for submitting this song to allnurses.  It is very fitting now during Nurses Week and we are happy to share it on social media for more to enjoy!

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Thank you for trying to help heal the helpers.  ❤️ 


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Your kind words make it all worthwhile. Happy Nurses Week 2021!

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