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  1. In This Time - Song Honoring Our Nurses

    Your kind words make it all worthwhile. Happy Nurses Week 2021!
  2. 6 Reasons Why Nurses Are No-Cape Heroes

    Hi, whether you believe Nurses are heroes or not ( I do myself) I've written a song /music video to honor you!! https://Youtube.com/watch?v=pGTjdkEy_Fs music video https://soundcloud.com/waltcronin/in-this-time free download #CovidHealthCare...
  3. In This Time - Song Honoring Our Nurses

    I'm submitting a song & music video honoring our nurses & healthcare workers. It would be my privilege to get this out to as many of you as possible. Music has a way of touching people that can heighten awareness to societal issues. I wa...