Lindsey McGraw

Lindsey McGraw

Med Sur, LTC

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Lindsey McGraw has 34 years experience and specializes in Med Sur, LTC.

Spunky old nurse who loves to cook for friends.

Lindsey McGraw's Latest Activity

  1. Retirement, "Easy Bet Me!"

    Reflecting back on younger days a young nurse, fresh, newly graduated LPN hoping deep down to be lucky enough to land a nursing position where the old nurse did not "eat their own." An expression that was not denied or confirmed before my realization...
  2. Step away from the old nurse!

    Now reaching my 34th year in the nursing profession I am experiencing some humorous, interesting and distasteful situations where comments have been made that honestly offended me to the quick of my being. "Back in the day" as the older generation of...
  3. Many years ago I was trained to always look around your environment, make sure it is secure, before responding to an emergency when alone. Let your inner nursing instincts guide you because there are situations where nurses have been set up in sinis...
  4. My life is so hopeless right now!

    Please do not give gives us challenges...but there is help and hope for you!!! If you are strong enough to be able to accomplish going to nursing school, pass the boards then trudge on!! Check out the Social Services in your county,(they...
  5. Old Nurse-Bet Me!

    Thanks, glad I could bring a "moment" for you. Can hardly wait for my dream is close...on count down! Hopefully there will be more articles in the near future-parting of the cobwebs this morning-oh good coffee!
  6. Since I am older and wiser, absolutely do not work without malpractice insurance. Take a look through the recommendations of nurses on the blog.... NSO is a good choice and one I have used for many years. Presently working in a supervisory capacity...
  7. Big Beautiful Brown Eyes

    As each year passes quickly, March arrives with the familiar TV ads for breast cancer campaign walkathons featuring the "pink warriors" and "pink ribbon" logos. Finally, years later, I find myself able to watch these commercials without being brought...
  8. Old Nurse-Bet Me!

    Wow, will have to definitely expand that porch with multiple views to accommodate all those rocking chairs. Remind me to post the address once the dream comes true. Old nurses are the best, and think of the tales we could "spin"...?
  9. Old Nurse-Bet Me!

    Presently I am blessed to work in a multi-cultural environment with CNA's and nurses from a variety of countries. We have great holiday parties, tons of food, only problem my African children almost kill me with their red pepper. Smiles are great the...
  10. Old Nurse-Bet Me!

    Please, you are most welcome. Always remember that you have helped, cared for and brought smiles to many a patient through your career..not to mention relieved their pain, gave comfort etc. all the things nurses do. I cope by coming to work remembe...
  11. Old Nurse-Bet Me!

    Wow, I am high desert bound...miss my horse. Need to put these tired old legs up/relax, not just stop and smell the coffee - actually enjoy it!
  12. Old Nurse-Bet Me!

    Well, it is so far a dream/soon to be reality probably in Oregon. You are most welcome because the plan is to have a big wrap around porch for lot's of rocking chairs to watch the sunsets and horses run. Choice of beverage will be optional, view is...
  13. Definitely, from my perspective. Over the years fortunately I only had one concern where I called the 800 number for my Malpractice insurance with a valid question/concern. All turned out well, but it was enough to make me realize there are patients,...
  14. Old Nurse-Bet Me!

    As I prepare for another eight hour shift with the "old folks," I look in the mirror and ponder..."Oh my, it is a good more wrinkles have formed and nothing new is sagging. At least nothing that is within my visual range." For that reason, y...
  15. What would you do?

    Whoops!, think I am developing a form of half timers real bad. Did not remember posting on this article in the past...DA..should have read all the comments before? :)

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