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Emergency Department; Neonatal ICU
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    I Met an Angel: My OB Nurse

    I had my son early on a sat morning (as in 1am). I had a wonderful, compassionate weekend option postpartum nurse who took care of both of us all weekend. I was a brand new mom who had previously thought if I read enough books, this "mom thing" would be a piece of cake - lol. The best part is that a friend from nursing school started in that unit 3 years later to the month. I still remembered the nurse's name, she was still there, and my friend was able to tell her that after 3 years, a patient still remembered her wonderful care.
  2. I won't lie to a patient either. However, lol, as another poster mentioned, some people appear that they don't require breathing! I've had to insert my "I have to step out now, I'll be back to check on you," mid-word sometimes. I try not to do this but sometimes it's unavoidable. I usually accompany this with a light touch on the arm if appropriate.