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What's your favorite television series depicting nurses? Now, which one do you believe is the closest thing to reality? We all have different tastes so why is it that you like one over the other? ... Read More

  1. by   anon456
    I have not read through all the posts yet but Call the Midwife was an awesome series. I think I watched all of them back to back over a week or so, with tissues in hand. Amazing stories.
  2. by   nija315
    HawthoRNe is the best fictonal one I like but reality I love NY Med and Boston Med, NY Med s actually coming back this summer
  3. by   AALRN
    You should check out NY med on youtube. its not all about nurses but there are a few nurses in there.. good stories and they're real..
  4. by   ProgressiveActivist
    Sydney ER
    Getting On
    Doc Martin
    Call the Midwife
  5. by   amyadell
    "Call the midwife" on Netflix is an amazing show that every nurse would love!
  6. by   Nurse Medicine Woman
    I completely agree about Grey's Anatomy! Completely ridiculous!! When I realized what was going on I was so disgusted I stopped watching it immediately! And also when Sandra Oh's character insulted a nurse on the show in a way that was totally degrading - it left a very bitter taste in my mouth. I now watch Emily Owens MD on netflix - not completely about nurses and not completely about doctors but about nurses and doctors.
  7. by   AMR21
    I think it's called The London Hospital. On amazon prime. About nurses at The London in the 1800s. Loved it!
  8. by   RedInScrubs
    LOVE "Call The Midwife". That is a FABULOUS show that I can really relate to as a home health nurse.

    I also really liked the first season of HawthoRNe. Second and third seasons got a bit annoying (for my own personal reasons, haha), but I loved a show centered around nurses. Can't believe that TNT canceled it!

    Emily Owens MD isn't a nursing show, but it actually included nurses more, and I like the main character. It wasn't as pompous or wildly inaccurate as House MD, for sure.
  9. by   on eagles wings
    Quote from AMR21
    I think it's called The London Hospital. On amazon prime. About nurses at The London in the 1800s. Loved it!
    Yes!! Oh my gosh that series was amazing. Made me cry so many times. Unbelievable nurses and doctors. )
  10. by   MjuneAlloiier
    Nurse Aoi, funny and heartwarming.
    only few episodes but can relate to some stuffs.
    please watch.
  11. by   icuRNmaggie
    The U.S. version of Getting On on HBO is spot on and sometimes very very funny.
  12. by   MidLifeRN2012
    I'm watching all the seasons of ER now because I never watched it when it was on TV LOL. Also like Night Shift and am looking forward to the upcoming Chicago Med, a spinoff of the Chicago Fire and PD series on NBC

    What originally got me interested in nursing as a kid was watching the nurse Dixie on Emergency from the 70s. And strangely, One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest. Even though Nurse Ratched was a bad nurse.

    Ironically I'm a psych nurse too, but I'm kind to my patients
  13. by   heron
    London Hospital and Call the Midwife, both historical drama series from BBC. I watched them on Amazon and Hulu.

    ETA: Shoulda read the whole thread first! Consider my voice added to the chorus of recommendations. Especially for London Hospital ... it is a terrific look at the early history of nursing and modern hospital care.