TPAPN "step down"

  1. Well Fiends, it's true. TPAPN does have a step down year (3rd and final). Seems I just received my letter stating I not longer have to submit a meeting report and will have "LESS UDS". One more step to freedom! ...Peace...
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  3. by   sallyrnrrt
    Yea, I'm proud of you
  4. by   catsmeow1972
    Jealous!!! Wish mine had that. Ours insists on squeezing every last cent they can out of you in the name of thier twisted idea of ‘recovery' whether you need it or not.
    However, congrats. That much closer to putting this behind you, to never look back!
  5. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    Yay Oogie!!!

    We don't have step down here. But two days ago I went under the two year mark so 1 year and 363 days to go
  6. by   Kel65
    SWEET!! Congrats. I'm chasing behind you at 20 months.
  7. by   Big Blondie
    For NPs year 4 is step down. It's bull that NP has to do 5 years. I don't believe it's justified.
  8. by   Eris Discordia BSN, RN
    Quote from Big Blondie
    For NPs year 4 is step down. It's bull that NP has to do 5 years. I don't believe it's justified.
    Everyone does 5 years in my state.
  9. by   catsmeow1972
    5 years seems to be the MO here too. Recently I've heard of 2 yr sentences, but I think that's when they are reeeeellllllyyyyyy having to stttttrrrrrreeeccchhhhh hard to make something stick to justify it.
  10. by   Kel65
    20 months in and I've found that the addictive pattern is broken, it's a whole new way of thinking and living life. If I think of taking a drink my stomach clenches and the pain of of all I went through resurfaces and brings me to the point of wanting to vomit. Excuse the graphics. At the two year mark I believe sobriety conditioning will be firmly permanent. Maybe it's different for others, but I can't see the need for three, let alone five years. Faced with five years I don't know if I would have even tried. Three years at the start seemed like an insurmountable journey. Five heart goes out to you all.
  11. by   catsmeow1972
    Depending upon the issue, 2-3 can be appropriate. Generic 5 years for all comers is nothing more than money grabbing punishment. This garbage about sticking everybody with a contract regardless is also BS. Around here, it seems that if you are unfortunate enough to get suckered into an ‘evaluation' by of course, a program ‘approved evaluator' you could be the angel Gabriel and still walk out with at least a 2 year contract.
  12. by   sarahellie
    Can I ask you what the process for entering TPAPN was like? I just got an enrollment packet and they are wanting to send me to a SAP evaluator. Im really nervous about everything. Can you please tell me what to expect with the sap evaluation?
  13. by   Kel65
    Try to find an evaluator not on their list that they will approve of. Get the evaluation done quick. TPAPN is big on you're meeting their time table. All evaluators will recommend treatment. I was deemed as having a minor developing alcohol issue. I got 6 weeks out patient. I did 10 a10 week program to show them I was serious. You can't work til treatment is done. Then finding a job they will approve of, and a 6-month narcotic restriction. I was pleasant played at being very enthusiastic, didn't gripe or complain so my night restriction was lifted the minute I was allowed to work. Then you must work one year as a nurse, that is the next hoop. Your tpapn time doesn't really start to drop off until you've worked a year. 3 urine test a month. Quarterly Report with your employers. If you meet timetables and and don't hassle them, they won't make you have a quarterly phone meeting with your Advocate employer and you. I just have my boss fill out paperwork, my advocate no longer feels the need to talk to my boss. I've been there a year and a half. 90 AA meetings in 90 days, try and get that done at the same time you're doing treatment they like that. Then 4 AA meetings a week. Documented on the sheet and uploaded at the end of the month. You also have to fill out the Affinity meeting calendar. Log in and get set on Affinity as quick as possible. Stay off the radar. And understand when they tell you no Benadryl or Sudafed or cough syrup, it's real. I have been tested for those.
  14. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    I don't think that more than one year should ever really be justified. After one year of sobriety you are clean and have the tools to pursue a sober lifestyle. If you have no intention of doing so the amount of years don't matter. If they put me in a monitoring program for 20 years I'd drink as soon as I got my release if for no other reason than out of pure hateful spite of the long sentence and odious conditions. 3-5 years is just a punishment period that has zero to do with recovery and everything to do with the ability to inflict pain on a fellow nurse