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Anyone else having issues with this new site. I just found that they listed my self report for August as non-compliant late when it was turned in on September 1st. That was well within the on time... Read More

  1. by   Oogie
    OK, which number are y'all putting in as the COC #, 2 numbers at top of page, guy at lab said put them all in, did not work, 1 number does not change, 2nd number changes sequentially ? guess I put in 2nd numbers 2 days later, no lab results posted been over 2 weeks.
  2. by   Kel65
    If you are using quest they give you a print out, look for barcode left hand side. Under bar code are number s and letters like QD0502102 that is the number you put in the following morning. On the carbon lab form where your social goes you out in the test authorization number they give you. It has been an awful long time for you. Probably, lacking that number is why. Longest for me on option 1 was 10 days because it showed positive and went to confirmation. Ended up to be a false positive.
  3. by   TexasNurse2014
    I emailed Affinity yesterday. The lady told me that it could take up to two weeks to post. The place I went to was not a Quest , but they use Quest. I'm not sure. I will keep looking . They told me if it's not posted by 9/26 to contact them.

  4. by   TexasNurse2014
    Finally! It shows. Negative
  5. by   Kel65
    Alright!!Seems we are always waiting to test or waiting for results. I used to never sweat results until that false positive. Another test for me today. Worked a 12 hour shift, can't test at my lab until 10 a.m. Got there and it was packed. Got smart decided to make an appointment and wait at home. Finally tested at 12:30. Last time I'd gone to the bathroom was 5 a.m. Thanks TPAPN, now I get a UTI and have another false positive.
  6. by   TexasNurse2014

    UGH!!! Sorry my friend.
  7. by   Ash2213
    I still have no results after over a week. I did not add any COC number to it the next day though, I added the test auth number and snapped to bar code of the form like it says to. But, thinking about it, they use online forms so I got that one back anyway. Whole process is stupid IMO! I am going to try and quit obsessing and just go about my business. Clearer instructions would have been nice.
  8. by   Kel65
    Yes, they are not very clear at all.
  9. by   Ash2213
    It took 8 days for my first result. But on the same day that is posted my results from 2 days prior posted as well. Strange!
  10. by   Big Blondie
    I did Option 1 on Monday and results on Wednesday. I went to Quest. I put number from website where SS used to go. I didn't have to do anything else and my results posted.
  11. by   Kel65
    The turn around time for results seems quicker so far. First test back in three days. Second, from the past Thursday posted today.
  12. by   Kel65
    Anybody else have trouble logging in today. I had to call to check in. Online website and phone app wouldn't load.
  13. by   Recovering_RN
    I checked in using the app just fine today.