The road to recovery paved with Elmo and a Christmas Tree....

  1. Hello all my recovery friends and then some .... I haven't posted on here in a few month or some time but something happened today I wanted to share with you . I have put my story on here before so I'll be brief with it. I have been in recovery for about 2 years from alcohol and a DUI. It has not been an easy two years as you all know but I have put my Sobriety first and Foremost so everything has worked out professionally and personally.

    However, I was cleaning my house today and came across an Elmo stuffed animal toy still in a box with a blue bow on it. This took me back to 2009 in the peak of my drinking and addiction . My boys and I were picking out names off the Giving Tree at Church one Sunday and behold we came across Elmo.

    My son was so excited to be able to buy Elmo for some child who wouldn't be able to celebrate Christmas otherwise . Well I kept promising him I would get the gift and wrap it but I never did. I was to busy drowning my sorrows in wine and Vodka and trying to keep my life together.

    Eventually, my ex husbands wife bought the gift and my son gave it to me to give to the Church. This never happened and I forgot about it because I was pretty much intoxicated if I wasn't at work and even at work I'm pretty sure I wasn't 100 percent putting it nicely. Well eventually my drinking caught up with me and I had a bad accident.

    No one was hurt but I crashed my car and went to Rehab. The rest is the road to Recovery where I am today. The Elmo was put away in my closet by me at some point during my addiction because I didn't want to have to wrap it and take it to church. Never mind of coarse that it would have made some poor child happy.

    Anyway, the past 2 years since that aweful time in my life I have picked myself up and it wasn't easy as you know. I had lost my NP license because of the DUI. I worked for minimum wage as a Home Care caregiver, a Cleaning Lady, and a Babysitter. I was grateful for ever job I was given because I knew that hard work and perserverance would pay off!

    Well eventually I did regain my NP license, custody of my children back, and a place to live! I will never forget those aweful dark days of addiction, the broken promises to my kids and family, and the unsafe care I probably provided to my patients. The Elmo serves as a symbol for me where my Addiction can take me and I NEVER want to go back there! I have 2 years left in my BON program.

    I am grateful for being able to be working again and driving. Now my biggest dilemma this Christmas is weather I should give the Elmo to another child or save it as a reminder of who my addiction hurt the most! I wanted to post this today because I wanted to give people hope and remember Never forget to put recovery first and the rest will follow! Happy Holidays and God Bless!
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  3. by   MichelleRN34
    How sweet...great job...happy holidays
  4. by   TorsadesRN
    Awesome share JMO!. I personally would keep the elmo. I to suffered some dark days in my addiction. Although my life is in a better place right now, I don't want to forget that pain. It keeps me clean and sober another day.

    Merry Christmas!
  5. by   NutmeggeRN
    Wow! Juat keep on keeping on! YOu are doing great work!
  6. by   GA_RN2006
    Thanks for sharing JMO. Your story really hit home. I agree with Torsades I would keep Elmo too..Hope you have a Merry Christmas
  7. by   amygarside
    Thank you for sharing! Merry Christmas to you!
  8. by   Esme12
    Thanks for sharing.....congratulations!

  9. by   Lee nolan
    Thank you so much for your share. Its great to read a successful story. Its a tough road we hoe coming back from addiction. But, we can come back. I worked in housekeeping at Emanuel Hospital for nearly three years before my nursing license was reinstated then it took six months before I was given a job in nursing. I'm a nurse in an alcohol and drug treatment center for women. I have had the best years of my life these last five years. The ability to clear the wreckage of my past is the single greatest gift, if I could have that I didn't need anything else but everything else came with it. I'm so glad I didn't miss this. Recovery is there for all who want it. You can get well regardless of anything or anyone.
  10. by   mona1023
    Thank you for sharing your story. It gives everyone on this forum hope and encouragement.