hello all you fabulous nurses in recovery! i am just beginning my journey to getting my rn license back to normal. i've reported to the board, been referred to IPN. IPN referred my to a list of... Read More

  1. by   MTFLrn
    Hi everyone, I am new to the site and forum. I am starting IOP next week and was wondering when you get the contract from IPN? After completion of IOP?
  2. by   Jcrb123
    Sothernpoint, what part of southern Florida are you in? My husband has a job offer in west palm beach that we are considering! I am currently monitored in Alabama so I do not know much about IPN. How hard is it to find a job around the area?
  3. by   lmdnaplesfl
    Which city was this doctor in?
  4. by   tra10
    Whom did you see.
  5. by   1965KS
    I have the fitness for duty evaluation scheduled in 2 weeks. Any tips ??? I live in Florida and have heard nothing but nightmares. Ant positive comments ? Jobs ? Etc Had a positive drug test, non working, went to treatment and now my IPN will just start, any advice ??
  6. by   catsmeow1972
    Depends on where you are going for your evaluation as those 'recommendations' are what play a gigantic role in what your contract is. I put that in quotes because at least in my experience there appears to be a very cozy relationship between IPN and where they send you for the evaluation. The obvious conflict of interest is clearly irrelevant.
    I've been dealing with this cesspool for a number of years and I am sorry to say that I have nothing positive to say. My advice would be to keep a file of every bit of correspondence. Take notes of every phone call, time and date and what was discussed. Any email exchange though Affinity (that is the method of checking in for P testing and correspondence with your case manager)- print copies and keep them. Keep all copies of COCs for toxicology tests. Don't depend on anyone, even LabCorp to file that for you. Finally, and saddest of all, these people are not to be trusted. No matter what they say or how nice they are, they are not your friend and don't give one whit about you or your recovery. If it isn't in writing, it isn't true.
    I don't mean to be so negative but throughout this experience, if you find recovery, it will likely be in spite of this, not because of it.