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I just had a positive test for Alcohol. I didn't drink. I'm almost 3 years in to a 5 year contract in Fl's IPN. I'm not a delicate flower. I didn't dissolve into tears, I was LIVID.... Read More

  1. by   Persephone Paige
    Thank yall. I got the evaluation tool. The man was very fair and even favorable to me. IPN reported me as angry and defiant to him though. That was in my email to IPN on Friday. That every infraction from my contract 10+ years ago ( I wasn't ready to get sober yet ) was waiting for me, but nothing very nice regarding this contract. It was categorized as 'uneventful.' I'm sorry, but doing everything I'm supposed to do is pretty exciting in my book.
    Anyway, I'm so grateful!!! And if my experience can help another nurse not get steam rolled, that will make me even happier.
  2. by   catsmeow1972
    Angry and defiant? Gee I can't imagine why? I suppose 'uneventful' is the nicest thing they can come up with because to be complimentary would be well mind boggling because we are all 'bad nurses' who must be punished!!!
    Whatever....I'm happy for you that it is over and the truth prevailed.....