A Recovery Poll, Sort Of

  1. Current monitorees: How many of you will continue recovery-related activities once you are out of your monitoring programs? Will you continue to go to meetings? Keep a sponsor? Will you stay completely sober or will you begin to drink socially or use marijuana? Do you believe in "cross-addiction"? I'm trying to get an idea of how many actually follow the 12-step programs' advice when they're not forced to do so.
    Former participants, are you still utilizing the 12 step programs to stay clean?
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  3. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    I have no intention of continuing any relationship with any recovery activities or people. It's silly that i have to now as it is a waste of both their time and mine. I plan on pouring a drink within minutes of hearing that I'm released from monitoring
  4. by   Twoyearnurse
    I intend to see how I feel when I am done with my monitoring. I have genuinely built relationships in AA with people who I look up and admire.

    I mean, good grilled cheesus, some of those folks have 30 years sobriety and have done incredible things with their life, been to amazing places, and their sole aim is to help the next suffering person.

    I don't know how I will feel. I always just tell myself I can decide how I feel about it today. Maybe the amount that I go will change. Maybe I'll go more or less or not at all. That decision is a year off.

    What I will say is that, though I leave most of what they have to say right where it sits, I have gotten some valuable guidance there. From family issues to frustrating coworkers it has been awesome having people who completely wrecked their lives like I did and are able to be compassionate.
  5. by   Oogie
    I'll finish my sentence in Feb. I do the bare minimum, and stay off the radar. No intention of being associated with monitering. So ready to have my life back! Cheers Spanky, I'll probably toast my release also, but hide my keys. LOL
  6. by   Kel65
    Sober all the way. Won't even touch Benadryl let alone alcohol. Love my new self and life. Will probably taper off the AA quite a bit. Looking forward to the day that I have more time and money to give to new hobbies rather than the program.
  7. by   Big Blondie
    Well I have 15 days lefts and I'm already buying illegal mouthwash, hand sanitizer and soy sauce!
  8. by   Kel65
    Yah!! 9 months here. Life goals as follows...hair dye,hair spray, cologne, an alcohol hand sanitizer free for all, a pig fest on Chinese food drenched in soy sauce, spraying Glade all over the house, and no mosquito bites when I fish because I can finally use and insect repellent.
  9. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    Quote from Oogie
    I'll finish my sentence in Feb. I do the bare minimum, and stay off the radar. No intention of being associated with monitering. So ready to have my life back! Cheers Spanky, I'll probably toast my release

    also, but hide my keys. LOL
    Ain't that the truth!!!! Gotta learn from life's mistakes & that was a biggie. Me and Mr Uber will become good buddies if necessary
  10. by   catsmeow1972
    As soon as I am done, I will continue the life I lived before this nightmare. There will be no drinking as I never did before. There will be no drug use as I never did before. I will begin the process of raising my career from the dead after the brutal murder of it by this program. I will never be seen at any BS-anonymous meeting ever again as it is one of the most time wasting activities ever for me next to navel gazing. I will treat the common cold without letting it progress to near pneumonia due to the abject fear of extending this ****show. I will go back to not worrying about the quantity of water I drink fearing a dilute or waking every morning at 4am fearing a missed check in. I will stop living in fear, in general.
    Having learned to believe very little of what people do and even less of what they say, I will put this behind me, pick up the pieces of my life and put my energy into moving on.
    So, no. There will be no 'recovery' related activities for me. The only thing I have to recover from is the damage that this nightmare has done to me personally, financially, socially and professionally.
  11. by   Neats
    I think this is an interesting question and after reading I think most people are honest about what they will do after the program ends. Thank you for that.

  12. by   TNPAPnurse
    I can tell you right now I'll never go to a 12-step meeting again after this is over. They're not supposed to be religious, but here in the Bible Belt they MAKE them religious! They close every meeting with the Lord's Prayer. I started leaving just before closing so I wouldn't have to do it (I'm spiritual but not a Christian, so I definitely have an issue with it), and afterward my sponsor called me and asked if I was mad or upset about something! This is also an issue at aftercare and at the last outpatient rehab I was in. So much pushing of a specific brand of religion! I left early from aftercare last week so I wouldn't have to do the prayer, and I almost immediately I got texts from some of the others in the group asking if I was okay!!! *insert eye-roll emoji*. I brought this up to the director of aftercare and she made it seem like I was the one with the problem! It's supposed to be a non-secular program, for Pete's sake!
    I should not have to feel like I'll hurt someone's feelings if I don't participate in the meetings because of religious preferences.
    I don't bring this up to anyone program-related; it's just easier not to do so. I brought it up with my program-approved therapist and she came out of it with the idea that I am "struggling spiritually". Like no I'm not struggling, I just don't want y'all's brand of Jesus shoved down my throat.
    I thought maybe this was an issue just in the South, but once on vacay in PA and NY, I caught a meeting or two while there and it was the same way. Maybe not quite as evangelical, but still closed with the Lord's Prayer.
    The religious thing is just one of many reasons I will never set foot in an AA or NA meeting again once I'm done.
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  13. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    Yeah, it seems like I've been to a billion AA meetings now and what you describe is very accurate. In those rooms they give lip service to acceptance of anybody's higher power but the rooms are stuffed with religious zealots who will not hesitate to proselytize their beliefs ceaselessly when given the opportunity and a captive audience.
  14. by   catsmeow1972
    A previous NSG that I was sentenced to (thankfully I moved and got the blazes outta there) closed every meeting with the serenity prayer. Given my personal opinion on the 12 step shtick (fine if it works for you) one sure way of getting push back from me is to shove something at me like the way that has been). It put me in the very uncomfortable position of either A: faking it (lying, something I'm very bad at) or B: refusing and having it get back to the program that I'm not drinking my kool aid (ie: acting like this program was the best thing to ever come down the pipe)
    I opted for C which was to look straight at my shoes and say nothing. I don't think anyone ever noticed. I suffered through the hand holding bit just cringing. I am not a touchy feely person. When it comes to those meetings that I will never be within 500 feet again when I don't have to, I too dip out before that end business (if my anxiety hasn't driven me out even before that).