56 hours...

  1. and no cigarettes!!!! i am almost at the 72 hour point...

    i had a really horrible asthma attack a few days ago, went to the dr. and she said you know better than this, allison.... this is your body telling you to stop. so after almost 11 years of smoking, i got scared. i smoked my last (hopefully!!) cigarette 56 hours ago.

    i am sitting here at work with a wad of nicorette gum in my cheek. i have already gone through a box. dr. also told me that drinking lots of OJ/grapefruit juice will help with cravings. and that i probably wont be able to concentrate at school for a week.

    i am so cranky and irritable. i am dreaming about smoking but now the smell alone makes me nauseated. it is so hard to not start my car and smoke, or eat dinner and not have a smoke after... my brain wont shut off... i am really hating this nicotine withdrawl.

    those of you who have kicked the addiction, please tell me this gets easier after the first couple days! and if anyone has any tips that worked for them, please share!

    thanks everyone for continued support!!!!
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  3. by   Annieee
    You can do it! I know it'll be hard, but it'll pay off in the end. I'm proud you got to the 56 hour! One step at a time
  4. by   Kitty Gatita, RN
    We should be online support for each other...I am 2 days and 16 hours and 37 minutes. In the last 6 months this the 3rd time I quit. Once for 6 weeks and once for 2 weeks. This time I thought I'd try giving it and white wine up for Lent. I love those two things together........

    Good luck!
    I need it, too..
  5. by   NewWayofLife
    Congratulations!!!! You have made it past the first 48 hours, and that is something to be proud of! I have yet to be successful in my attempts, but I have made it to several weeks, and I can share the following tips:

    Keep busy:
    First, keep your mind busy- whether that be reading, watching an interesting movie, crossword puzzles, internet games (I can get lost for hours in some), etc.

    Second, keep your hands busy. Do you knit, paint, play an instrument? If not, this might be a good time to pick up a nice, productive hobby like that.

    Spend time in places where smoking isn't allowed:
    You've probably gone without smoking for long periods of time at the mall, the movie theater, homes of friends who don't smoke, etc. You probably didn't even think about it.

    Be aware of things you associate with smoking:
    Those times like after meals and in the car, etc, will be the hardest. Be aware of your "triggers" and be prepared for them.
    Throw out any lighters, matches, ashtrays if you still have them. If you ever smoked in a particular part of your home, get a nice candle/reed diffuser/air freshener and put it there to remind yourself how much better that area will smell now. Same goes for your car- if it has an ashtray, get rid of it.
    Right after a meal? Get up and take a walk, do the dishes and go on a cleaning spree, etc. Do you have a cup of coffee with a cigarette when you first wake up? If so, change that routine- take your shower first, switch to tea instead, etc.

    And for those oral fixations-
    I personally like the nicotine lozenges more than the gum. It seems to be a more slow and steady release, and cause less mouth irritation for me. Just my opinion.
    Baby carrots/celery
    Altoids (try the chocolate covered ones- very nice treat!)
    Hard candies
    Cinnamon sticks- sounds strange, but they work!
    Pretzel sticks
  6. by   Tweety
    Get through it minute by minute if you have to avoiding even one single up. The minutes add up.

    I vividly remember my withdrawal..............over 20 years ago. Yikes, can someone please stop the minutes??? LOL
  7. by   Kitty Gatita, RN
    I have conquered MOST of the habit cigarettes. I haven't smoked in the car for a few years. I don't smoke at work. Lately I have even stopped drinking coffee, drink tea instead. However, the times that are the absolute worst to get through are the times around the house when I "take a break" whether it be from studying, housework, or yard work. This is the time when I would take 10 and go out and just sit and have a ciggie, then get up and get back to whatever I was doing. Smokers know what I mean. What do you do now for those little breaks?

    I am still working on the psychological urge cigarettes. Those are the ones that have done me in every time.

  8. by   Sabby_NC
    Hubby finally kicked the habit with the use of Medication and is doing grrrrrrrrrreat.

    You can do this and beat the addiction.

    Hang in there *hugs*
  9. by   Silverdragon102
    hang in there you can make it
  10. by   nghtfltguy
    you are gonna break....
    i'll bet you are smoking right now!!!
    are you??
    you can do it....
    i know all these ppl are telling how to quit... but they are wrong!~
    you can only quit if you want too....
    i suggest cigarrest..
    if you want to quit. then just do it....
    it is hard... trust me .. i know...

  11. by   flightnurse2b
    i have officially made it and am now smoke free for almost 5 days! i am so proud of myself. thank you guys for everything, seriously. the encouragement means so much because this is so difficult!

    i am still chewing nicorette and i have been working out like mad (and i can actually kinda breathe now). actually went out to lunch @ applebees today, and asked for non-smoking!!! woohooo!!

    i am just hoping and praying i have really kicked it for good this time.

    how is everyone else doing???
  12. by   BeccaznRN
    Every day gets easier. Congratulations!
  13. by   nghtfltguy
    i wish all of you the best of luck in quitting....
    it is hard... it takes time and dedication...
    as for you flightnurse2b... i wish you the most luck...
    you think a ciggarette is good after a meal??
    try after a serious flight!!!!
    power be with you....
    wish you the best of luck......
    im here to support ya...

    anyone can quit.....
    you just have to really have the desire to do so~~~
  14. by   leslie :-D

    even though i don't post, just know that i am cheering you on every step of the way.

    you (and so many others) are an inspiration to us lurkers.

    keep it going.
    you're doing it. :bowingpur