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I'm a 25yr old nursing student in an accelerated program in NY. I graduate in December and I would love to hear from the nurses who love what they do and are happy they picked this profession. This website can be quite disheartening at times because so many people post about the "horrors of nursing". I've seen people write don't do it, you'll see, turn back now and so on. In a field that people choose knowing its going to be hard work and long hours I'm surprised to see how many people complain about the decision they've made.

I have chosen this field because though it may be hard and we may not get the thanks we so deserve, at the end of the day I'd rather be making small differences in the day to day lives of my patients than crunching numbers or selling advertising or planning how CEOs should spend their vacations.

So please for all the nurses out there that love what they do and wouldn't change "turn back" please share your stories and remind this nursing student what it's really all about and why I can't wait to start.


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Me! Me! I love my job!

I have loved nursing since I was is school. I can moan with the best of them, but even when I'm in the middle of a post-shift rant, deep down I wouldn't change it for the world.

I learn something new everyday, I use my brain and my hands, I work with fantastic people, every once in a while I am part of a team that saves a life and every day I make someone's life just a little bit better.

I like moving fast, I like the adrenaline, I like sharing war stories with my coworkers, I like the 10 minute lull on nights where we watch music videos, I like breakfast after nightshift with the gang.

If you find your niche, whether it is a specialty you love, or the right workplace nursing is a fantastic career, I have been lucky enough to find both. I don't love every minute of it, I have bad days, things get on my nerves, but the good outweighs the bad.

Good luck!

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I also love my job. Sure, I complain about it sometimes, as you cannot love every aspect of your job 100% of the time. That's why people come on here to vent their frustrations because let's face it, nursing can be very frustrating.

At the same time, however, it is one of the most rewarding careers out there. You see people at their most vulnerable, worst stage in their life...and it is so rewarding to see them recover and bounce back. Making a difference in someone's life is just a wonderful feeling.

CodeteamB summarized it well :)

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You may wish to browse through the posts in our Success Stories in Nursing forum. This particular forum is full of people who seem to thoroughly enjoy the work they do: Success Stories in Nursing

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In 2027, I'll have 50 years in nursing.


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my great-grandmother was a pediatry nurse and she loved to do it

because she thought it is good to help another people

now world has changed and i see the hospitals in poor condition and all the medical staff are tired and bored by work

they also don't want to help people.... i am from russia


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the only moment when you can say you no longer love your job is when you drag your feet to work.IMO


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I came to nursing in my late 30s. Nursing was never even a thought when I was a young man.

Although, I think my earlier experiences have made me a better nurse, wish I could have started sooner!

I love this job with all the options and flexibility it offers.

RachPapp, bring your enthusiasm and come work with me!


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Great post! I was starting to get discouraged from all the negative posts from some of the nurses on this site as well.


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Thank you all for your stories and inspiration. Your stories have been a great resource for getting me excited for graduation in just 4 months. I can't wait to start and make a difference in people's lives!

I love nursing. I love patients and advocating for them. For every patient that makes me want to pull my hair out, there are ten more that tug on my heartstrings.

For every drive home i have just wanted to cry and question everything, there are a million moments when i know i have made a difference

in someone's life.

Nursing is a calling.

There is bad and good.

You have to take the bad as a lesson, or eye opener, and take the good for good.

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I came to nursing as a second career in my 40's. I have never been more happy than I am in nursing! I have no fears for my economic future. In nursing I will always have a way to support myself as a single woman with no children. I'm starting my MSN this month and plan to teach nursing well into my older years. I love nursing!