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Nurses are Fleeing the Hospital

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by Nurse Beth Nurse Beth, MSN (Columnist)

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Nurses have simply had enough and are walking out of acute care. How far will it go? Have we seen the peak yet? You are reading page 14 of Nurses are Fleeing the Hospital. If you want to start from the beginning Go to First Page.

Ohio NP

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Agreed to the lack of leadership in nursing and that the nurse “leaders” are just administrative shills. The ones who aren’t, and I’ve worked with many, are pushed out by Administration and replaced with yes people who share their disdain for the nursing profession. I’m so disappointed with the entire healthcare experience I wish I had made other choices. On a positive note, I know that it’s just a numbers game so can make decisions regarding my healthcare and my loved ones healthcare with eyes wide open. The only upside to this miserable career path.

Ohio NP:  Spot-on!  I'm thankful for the knowledge from nursing...it keeps me away from conventional medicine.  Also glad there are many career paths for women that are exponentially better than wiping butts which is really most of what the job entails [no pun intended] anymore.  Nursing needs to change....desperately.  The field is stuck in an era of Theory X management.  Have had it with the control freak frumps...seems that's mostly what is in nursing mgmt.  Regret the day I stepped foot in this field though I don't beat myself up over it...the vision of the field most of us held before entering it was one of truly offering something to others, feeling good about our work, all while enabling one to make an "average" living.  Greed abounds and it's hard to find people who actually like the field except for those who state they're on a mission, it's a "calling" or other fluff.

Chances are rigid and or unethical management may be the blame.


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Leonardo Del Toro, RN

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On 9/26/2021 at 7:54 PM, Texas Military Mom said:

Chances are rigid and or unethical management may be the blame.


OK, nurses have been taken advantage for a long long time. Forced overtime, in dangerous understaffed shifts. Insane work loads like one nurse do the work of two. A breaking point was sure to arrive when an opportunity presented itself. And that is happening now after the second covid wave. Nurses are just leaving, even if just for a moment, they don't care, they just leave. The insanity and inefficiency of our broken health care have finally come home to roost.

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