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Can anyone help me here, I'm planning to take the LVN exam because I just got denied by CABON because of the concurrency issue..I just want to know: Method #3 - Equivalent Education and/or... Read More

  1. by   jp2014
    Quote from dreamtheater
    JP, I am also a PH grad and currently working on my LVN-CA application. IS it necessary to send the Original copy of the Clinical/ Rotation Forms?

    - Did your school mailed the requirements directly to BVNPT? Or you mailed it yourself together with the LVN application form?

    Another question. Number 7 on the LVN application form. I graduated High school in PH. Grade 1-6 Elementary and 1st- 4th year in High school. What did you put on question number 7?



    - no mention of submitting papers regarding clinical rotations, so i didn't. that's a lot of papers. you're going to give them unnecessary work load. tho i did send them summary of my clinical duties -- over-all hours, hospitals/clinics and their info. also asked my school to send details abt our clinical affiliations...

    - you will have to mail app form by yourself, of course. they will reply back as to what's needed and what to do next... requirements/papers coming fr school MUST be mailed directly fr school to board, sealed with school seal, envelope...

    - put your schools info.

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    Quote from BayAreaResident
    Just received completion of my order for CGFNS and will be trying my luck with Hawaii RN. Will update on how it goes.
    any update? no concurrency issue in hawaii? do i have to be an RN in the philippines, meaning took the licensure and passed it, to take nclex-rn in hawaii? thanks
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    Quote from troikaenerio
    jasonbata, i did my application for tx bon last year together with my lvn app for bvnpt..i already got my rn license here in tx and also a job here so yeah, im not counting on it anymore..hehehe

    hey no concurrency issue in texas? do i have to be an rn phil, took the licensure exam and passed it in the philippines, to take the nclex-rn in texas? thanks.
  4. by   Sheila0505
    Hi.good day!! I have the same issue..i just got denied to take the nckex exam here at also graduated from the philippines..
    i decided to take the exam for lvn but having a hard time in transferring credentials from brn to would be great help if someone tell me how to transfer them.i've been calling them but they're always busy..
    hope someone can help me..thank you..