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  1. bradycardic

    California BreEZe RN

    Check ur message box
  2. bradycardic

    California BreEZe RN

    Yea the ms class
  3. bradycardic

    California BreEZe RN

  4. bradycardic

    Assisted Living LVN's

    What does an LVN do in an assisted living facility doing ONLY INSULIN CHECKS? How is a typical day like? Thank you.
  5. bradycardic

    California BreEZe RN

    Hello fellow nurses and nursing students! Please move thread if this is the wrong area, I have a question for nclex applicants for California who is taking the RN, what does it mean in the View Application Status it says pending and Open? Anyone know what this might be? Will my ATT come in soon? [ATTACH]21667[/ATTACH]
  6. bradycardic

    Denied by CABON now to take LVN..

    Yeah u can take the lvn in Cali
  7. bradycardic

    time limit to retake NCLEX RN in texas

    Yup I got it , got my exam on March 1
  8. bradycardic

    Excell Nursing Review? -- Chicago and elsewhere

    I used excell nursing review held at South SF Bay Area in 2014, it helped and worth the money and the profs simplified the lectures, 8am-5pm for 9 days, all my friends passed and so did I.
  9. bradycardic

    Wellness Nurse in a Assisted Living/Memory Care

    Yea sure no problem check your inbox
  10. bradycardic

    Wellness Nurse in a Assisted Living/Memory Care

    I'm an lvn in California is this the right link that I should study? http://www.dss.cahwnet.gov/ord/entres/getinfo/pdf/rcfeman1.pdf
  11. Hello fellow nurses, or wellness nurses that has experience! What does a Wellness Nurse in an AL/Memory Care setting do? 75 bed capacity, med techs and caregivers are staff there as well. What is the job duties of Wellness Nurse, what's a typical day like? I read also that it needs to oversee RCFE regulations in Title 22, what is that also? Any info or advice is much appreciated! Thank you in advance!
  12. bradycardic

    time limit to retake NCLEX RN in texas

    How long does it take to receive an ATT in your email for Texas nclex RN? I registered on Pearson on a Saturday and it's Monday now.
  13. bradycardic

    LVN Hospice Nurse

    Hello nurses! I have an interview coming up and would like to know from past or current hospice nurses what kind of job duties , responsibilities, and or what to expect as working in a hospice care facility and or home or board in care? Does it function as a SNF (skilled nursing facility) as well? Thank you in advance for your responses!
  14. Graduated March 2012 olfu qc fiso I'm in Cali
  15. bradycardic

    Sutter Health applicants

    What exactly is a skills test when you apply for Sutter?
  16. bradycardic

    Military LVN?

    What are some benefits and opportunities for an lvn going to military and which branch offers more in medical field?