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So, an acquaintance of mine who lives in Florida's Space Coast area, a newly minted psych NP, e-mailed to ask for my thoughts about a full-time psych position that she is considering applying for. ... Read More

  1. by   Goldenfox
    Quote from TriciaJ
    Education minimum is bachelor's but they want APRN. Doesn't add up.

    I wondered about that too. It is a mistake. They want an NP or a PA with 1 year of experience. I told her not to bother.
  2. by   Goldenfox
    Quote from Ennemkay
    Average np salary in that region of the state is 106k.
    Actually, average NP salary is significantly lower than 106k all over Florida.
  3. by   iggywench
    How can that be right? I make more than that as a school nurse in TX, on the same salary scale as the teachers.
  4. by   BabyFood26
    I'm an LPN and this made me sad lol not really but dang!
  5. by   LadysSolo
    First of all, the education requirements are wrong. It says Bachelor's degree, a NP MUST have a Master's degree. And I made more than that as a floor nurse 10 years ago.
  6. by   PtoVal1020
    I thought psych NP were highest paid of NPs. Even as a 3rd semester nursing student, I know that isn't enough for all the work
  7. by   firemedic12
    Hell no! I make more than that as a new grad in Texas without overtime! I've worked with psych patients I corrections and you couldn't double my pay to go back.
  8. by   feelix
    I was considering becoming a Psych NP. Anybody know what they get paid in Texas, or should I just go on a world trip with the money?
  9. by   peacockblue
    That's what I make as a school nurse in Pennsylvania but I only work the school calendar and have my pay divided over the year. Wouldn't do an NP job for that unless the other benefits are super duper good.
  10. by   Vanfnp
    Agree with all - wages are way too low. In my area, psych NPs are commanding salary more than twice that to start.
    I just looked at a job ad in my area by that particular company, outraged at the same low salary advertised for a similar APNP position and was happy to find the $50,000 was actually for LOAN REPAYMENT! So maybe your friend should look into the job....but accept nothing less than what she is worth.
  11. by   caliotter3
    Vaguely recall a nursing assistant earning more than $42,000 yearly about 15 years ago and I was upset because I had to work full time at two jobs to make that amount at the time. Hard to even imagine an experienced APRN settling for such an insulting wage that could be bested by nursing assistants that work overtime.
  12. by   AmZim
    I just left 6 years of bedside nursing in Florida. As such, I caution all nurses to carefully consider before working in FL. The attitude toward nurses in central FL was the worst corporate environment I have ever encountered. Pay is in the basement, nurses are still treated as hand-maidens to doctors, and the state (the docs) continue to repress APRNs ability to practice at the full extent of their scope. There are so many nursing schools in FL, and people move to FL everyday, that there is an overabundance of nurses. They are paid terribly and treated that way too. It's a 'right to work' state and that means they have the right to treat you any way they like and can fire you at will. Longest 6 years of my life. Further, it's not inexpensive to live well in FL. I'm not surprised she got low-balled.
  13. by   scthomas93
    What????? i'm in LPN in TN and make 45,00 a year!!!! that had to be a typo