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So, an acquaintance of mine who lives in Florida's Space Coast area, a newly minted psych NP, e-mailed to ask for my thoughts about a full-time psych position that she is considering applying for. ... Read More

  1. by   xoemmylouox
    That ad has to be wrong. It said required education was a bachelor's. My jaw dropped when I saw the pay. I don't know too many ASN's that make that little.. Wow... Just wow..
  2. by   NurseCard
    Oh heck no, not with an APRN. I make that much with an ADN here in poor ol' Kentucky!

    Now, I've seen some state jobs here in Kentucky with some pathetically low salaries, so to see a
    state APRN job advertised at that rate here, probably wouldn't surprise me at all.
  3. by   MrChicagoRN
    Time & salary negotiable?

    how about 1/2 time AND double the salary? I think she should start the negotiations there.
  4. by   FurBabyMom
    Huh? What in the world? Why is that even a consideration?

    I make over $15K more than that as an OR RN. Just in my pay alone (not considering other benefits or call pay and overtime).

    I have zero desire to be an NP, and I wouldn't even consider it. I would, however, remain working as an RN. In one of my RN jobs I would have made less than that for a calendar year - however, cost of living was next to nothing. I was also a new grad at the time. I wouldn't consider it as an experienced RN much less as an advance-practice RN.
  5. by   benegesserit
    I earned more than that as a new grad ADN.
  6. by   Salter444
    I have seen other positions on indeed for the exact same salary for Family NP. Maybe these places are just fishing and being greedy. Why not? If someone will accept working for that little money it is smart on the part of the employer or maybe this is an agency that gets a cut off the top. I made more than that working PT thru NP school. Your friend would be better off finding a PRN or PT NP position and keeping hours at the bedside.
  7. by   SnowShoeRN
    Did they forget to put the "1" in front of that? That's pitiful. NO way I would take that position.
  8. by   Ennemkay
    Average np salary in that region of the state is 106k.
  9. by   FloridaBeagle
    It's Florida. They pay dirt down there. I've seen school nurse jobs offered at $12 an hour (RN-BSN required!). They think everyone who isn't a Dr., lawyer, or financial industry-type should live in a trailer and just be happy to have a job, no matter how crummy the pay. I used to get emails from a list serve run by the state of FL for all kinds of public nursing jobs, virtually none above $40,000 in a region where houses are all $350,000 and above. Realizing the situation in FL was hopeless, I unsubscribed, quit my crummy hospital job and moved to Minnesota (where as a school nurse I make more than an NP in FL, evidently).

    Working conditions in hospitals are so abysmal that new grad NP's will take that $50,000 and be thankful.
  10. by   CanadianAbroad
    Holy crap on a cracker that is low! Hell, I know Techs who are pulling in that here in MI!! Yes the Techs are doing OT, but still....Tell your friend to not even consider this wage.
  11. by   sunshine-momMSN
    Florida pays terrible for everyone. staff nurses and ARNPs. Its a very saturated state, and the assumptions is that everyone wants to live in Florida and pay no state taxes so you can take less salary. Midwifery is the worst. I was offered a position (granted out of hospital, but still) where I was basically married to my job, making only $56k. No thank you.
  12. by   TriciaJ
    Quote from xoemmylouox
    That ad has to be wrong. It said required education was a bachelor's. My jaw dropped when I saw the pay. I don't know too many ASN's that make that little.. Wow... Just wow..
    Education minimum is bachelor's but they want APRN. Doesn't add up.
  13. by   canigraduate
    Yikes. Typos in the ad, insulting salary, inconsistent requirements.

    Run away.