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  1. CanadianAbroad

    Minor Vent

    She would have a fit over my chest dermal piercing and my nose ring! Lol!!
  2. CanadianAbroad

    Report or not when administrators have favorites

    Overreacting is not even the word for this post. This is about revenge and revenge only. We have all had emergencies and have had to leave immediately. That is not abandonment. The fact you texted knowing very well this nurse was dealing with an emergency, is rather sad actually. This feels vindictive and makes me feel sorry for you that you have even considered reporting this.
  3. CanadianAbroad

    Giving OTC medications to your aides/coworkers?

    I say this with respect....stop over thinking things here, or you will put yourself in a box out of fear. You aren't the careprovider for your coworker. You would not be looked at as their nurse. I understand being new and afraid, but you can share your OTC of your own stock and shouldn't fear the consequences. I would hate to see you overthink it so much and be afraid to be the nice coworker that helps when another coworker is in need.
  4. CanadianAbroad

    Dismissal from nursing school without failing any course

    Stop acting as if your race has anything to do with you being dropped. By doing so, it truly undermines the plight of those being marginalized through racist behavior and makes people ignore the rest of your message. Secondly, your actions are what caused your dismissal. You would have been fired if this was the working world. Don't try and peg this on the school, when obviously there have been previous issues due to meetings about your behavior earlier in the program.
  5. CanadianAbroad

    Co worker issue

    I'm sorry, I don't ever recall in nursing school where a splint takes priority over a cardiovascular issue. Perhaps this PCA needs a little lesson on ABCs and prioritization. I would bring this up with the charge nurse.
  6. CanadianAbroad

    How do you deal with personal attacks at work?

    Perhaps self reflect here a bit and make sure you are not adding to the toxic environment. Here you are pointing out the PNs are the issue and it is stupidity. That doesn't sound very nice at all, and it might show that your own attitude could be contributing here. My suggestion, reapproach them and ask them to hash it out in a professional manner. Ask what the issue is and how this can be resolved. Be assertive, but not dominating or looking down at them because they are PNs. You might find that if you change your own attitude a bit, the situation might improve.
  7. CanadianAbroad

    Miserable nurses

    Perhaps you missed the part where the instructor indicated this nurse has been known to be a problem. That alone indicates her behavior has been condoned up until this point. I don't understand why institutions let burn out continue, when there are obvious warning signs here. Firing this nurse is not the answer. Giving the nurse time to recover from burn out and perhaps find a position she will love again. I will point out that I do think it is petty and vengeful to wish for someone to be fired, especially when the root of the issue hasn't been discovered. This student has the right to be upset here, but I do agree her follow up replies are over the top. I put in my comment prior to reading her comment about not staying in nursing long. If this is already a thought, don't even finish school. Patients deserve nurses who will give it their all and not one that will half ass it until they can jump to something else. Don't be that person OP. Don't wish for a nurse to lose her job because you got yelled at and ignored. I am now bloody irritated I defended the original post before I saw your catty replies.
  8. CanadianAbroad

    Miserable nurses

    Attibuting this nurse's behavior due to a bad is why we have bullying in nursing, as we condone this behavior. Stop making excuses to why this nurse treated this student like crap. Every single one of you have been in the place of the student once, yet act as if you have forgotten this. Ignoring a student is passive aggressive behavior. Screaming at the student is inappropriate. Perhaps the "not smiling reprimand" is a key sign to a major potential problem; burn out is more than likely occurring, but that does not mean it is okay to behave like this.
  9. CanadianAbroad

    Favouritism in nursing school!

    Eat a Snickers, you get salty and whiny when you are hungry! God forbid LPNs who have literally done two nursing programs get an award and not you. I can tell by this post that you toot your own horn and probably do not have the skills to back it up. Write that letter and see how fast you will be blacklisted in the nursing community. Those instructors might have seen something in those students that you don't and it has nothing to do with playing favorites. Keep up with this woe is me attitude at work, because you sound like you would be a peach to work with. But please stop your whining and thinking you are better than LPN nurses who worked hard to get their RN. This look on you isn't becoming at all.
  10. CanadianAbroad

    Just can't get in....grades not good enough

    Find a different school to apply to. I am sure you could find another program or another school that would offer the LPN track where you could complete a bridge program whe you are finished your LPN.
  11. CanadianAbroad

    Explaining Low GPA

    I am not insensitive here. I just see this post as what it is...attention seeking and complaining. This person has had options and still has options. Acting as if they don't, is ridiculous. Upgrade your marks for your pre reqs and apply again. Try the LPN route first and do the bridge program to your RN. This individual is acting as if they are a victim here and they are not. If this person wants it bad enough, they will find options to reach their end goal. Would I do Chamberlain, no. Why, because it doesn't have a good reputation. I am a student who worked as a nurse for years, got into an accident and stopped nursing. I am doing my program over due to being an immigrant and will be done in July. I have literally done two nursing programs now because I wanted it bad enough. I just can't sit back and watch someone complain about their options as if they have none and act as if they are a victim. My advice, either retake your prereqs again or do the LPN route for a year and then transfer over to your RN. If you find the right program, you will have classes transfer over and not have to take very many. But please, stop acting like a victim when you are the one who put yourself in this situation with your low gpa. Fix the gpa and you will become a nurse like you want to.
  12. CanadianAbroad

    Explaining Low GPA

    Stop the pity me behavior. You got into schools and you have turned them down. You have options. Stop acting as if you don't. If you want it bad enough, take out a loan and pay for school on redo your few prerequisite classes. There are many out there who have Never been given opportunities like you have thus far.
  13. CanadianAbroad

    LPN from Canada! Help please.

    Unless you are a citizen of the US or can get a green card through family or marriage, you can't come and work in the US with your LPN.
  14. CanadianAbroad

    Is it even possible to NOT work during nursing school?

    I am currently in school and am not working. I took out extra loans in order to concentrate on school. I don't regret it at all.
  15. CanadianAbroad

    Best New Nurse Hospitals in Michigan

    Not the Providence systems. Ascension just started layoffs and will be doing more.