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I'm a nursing student who will graduate in May! I will be going to school the next year to get my BSN. I've heard different things about the pay difference between ASN and BSN grads. Do BSN grads get paid more or do they just have more responsibility and administration work? Also, I was wondering what the average starting pay for a new grad is. Thanks!



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You don't say what area of the country you live in, and from reading this bulletin board I think that makes a huge difference. I live in the deep south, where there is really not much difference in an ADN salary and a BSN salary. I also think the Nursing shortage has caused a relaxation in past rules. An ADN in this area can be a Director of Nursing, Administrator, or LPN instructor. In the acute care settings, A new grad can start between $15-$17 an hour. At my facility, there is a .30/hr difference between starting salaries for an ADN/BSN. However, an ADN can be a Charge Nurse and annual/merit raises are individualized(up to 5%) :p

BSNs are not compensated where I work. The pay is the same wage for both ADN & BSN, if they are hired for the "same" position (ie, staff RN). As for RN wages, that depends entirely on where you live. The wage will vary by as much as $15/hr depending on cost of living & geographic locale. For example, you can expect to start at $25/hr in my area. Cost of living in certain areas of California is sky high. You can look up average nurse wages in your area at this web address:


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Where I work an RN is an RN and no pay difference UNLESS a BSN is hired to a management position, which is more likey to happen than for the ADN nurse.

IMHO, and speaking from experience, management jobs are over rated, and just not worth the trouble! ;)

New grads in Dallas start out at $18 an hour. The cost of living in Texas is quite low, also, so $18 is a good figure. I have heard some hospitals pay more for a BSN, but it is usually less than $0.50 an hour more. Both ADNs and BSNs can be charge nurses, and my hospital does pay extra for being in-charge.


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not sure what the new grads make. but here in va. After 6 months experience you can go "quick pick". Base pay is 27 hr. 4 diff nights. 8 diff weekend nights!. Thats no benefits. work 1 weekend month (Though I can't remember when the last time I did a weekend, too many people on them) 1 holiday rotation. They aren't required to give me any hours. Or agency which I think is the best deal. makes about a dollar more. no holidays, only required to work 1 shift month. This is for rn's working the floor. Bsn's make the same as ADN. We all do the same work on the floor. Rn's are supposed to supervise and be responsible for LPN's , But theres no time. And I think the regular staff rn makes 25 hr plus diff's, that's with benefits.

This is at Mary Washington Hospital in Fredericksburg, Va.

So you'll come on down. Give them my name, and we will split one of the sign on bonus.

The new recruit gets big sign on bonus. and the Recruiter(that's me) gets a finders fee.


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In our hospital the base rate is the same regardless of degree for new grads, about $19-21 (but the rates are always changing). There are no degree requirements until you get up to Nurse Manager than you are expected to enroll in a BSN program with completion within a certain time frame. Prior to Nurse Manager we have RN I's (usually new grads or nurses new to a speciality area), RN's 2's (the bulk of the staff nurses) and Senior Clinical Nurses (Do Charge, Evaluations, Staff Education etc, etc, etc)


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I didn't add that we get 1.00 more an hour to do Charge, and we rotate the responsibility on night shift. I usually get three a pay.

Starting here is 19.60 an hour with increase to the next level of pay for every 5 years experience as an LPN, so I make the same as an RN with 2 years experience.

The shift diff is 8% with an extra 5 % for weekends.


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I know where I work there is no diff. in ADN/BSN pay NG 19 RN 20 every year exp. it is about 1$ maybe more + bonuses and shift diff.(michigan)


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In SC where I am all RN's are paid the same according to experience up to 6 years. Then raises are based on merit evaluations. There is a clinical ladder that you can climb. Diploma and ADN can climb to Nurse 4....only BSN can climb to Nurse 5.

With 27 years experience and 22years in the same job, I made $24.21/hour.

I noticed in the paper today they are giving a 3.6% raise and a longevity raise of $25/year for full timers and $15/year for part timers.

I would have been there 24 years by now if I had been able to. That would have been a one time check for....hmmmm


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