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  1. Walking off in the middle of report?

    We give report at the bedside. If a nurse interrupts me I tell them to wait and listen, If they ask a question that I have already addressed I tell them I went over this already. If they ask me something that was not relevant to my care I tell them ...
  2. Univ of Mich ECMO training

    Ok so I am confused are you working at U of M?? Because it does not sound like it. At the University of Michigan RN's or Rt's run ECMO at the bedside not perfusionists. If you are in house the cost is free with an understanding you will pick up OT. ...
  3. Anyone having a rough time landing their first job

    WOW Here in michigan you are offered a job before you graduate! My suggestion is go to all the job fairs that you can. How can they expect you to know how to admit a patient every place is different. Good Luck
  4. A&p @ Hfcc

    You should have no problem passing. I will pass on a tip have you ever heard of cliff notes?? well they have them for A&P and patho. buy it!! it is a life saver!!
  5. HIPAA and patients name

    Widi96, Yes, this is hospital email and you can access it from any computer around the world! That was my concern what if I was at the library and opened my email??
  6. HIPAA and patients name

    Ok So I have a question about HIPAA and email! I was always told to use initials and not the patients name when sending email. Do you guys believe this to be true? I think I pissed off a co-worker when I brought this to her attention!!
  7. Walkie Talkies on Your Unit?

    We have cell phones nextel the are light and when I am in charge and I have to go potty I give it to someone who is qualified to be in charge! or I tell the clerk not to transfer. i like the phones that way if someone needs help at the bedside they d...
  8. New & not sure what to do!

    It can be done!! I worked full time on the weekend and went to school during the week. I was also a single mom. Many have done and I know if you are serious about nursing you can to. GOOD LUCK!!
  9. Well I do not work at a Magnet hospital and I work night shift we have a clerk! I do not check what the previous shift did they are responsible. We have computer charting so meds are checked when they come through. I do go through the eMAR to make su...
  10. Routine for the day in ICU + time to chart

    Biggest tip that I was told get everything done as soon as you can. It is an ICU and things will happen! If you have all of your work done the problems that arise will not stress you out! I never waited to get my bath done I did it in the first 4 hou...
  11. EDUCATION: BURN UNIT RN in Michigan

    Hi, I live in Michigan and have worked in a burn unit. Most of the time you start on the burn step down and after a year you move to the ICU. Don't worry they will teach you and always ask questions!
  12. Med Math and Calculators

    We were able to use calculators in school. Also I work in pediatrics and I have one in my pocket one at my bedside table and two in my bag. If they can use it when they are out of school why not in school. Math was never my best subject.
  13. The Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) Examination

    Ok I am in a MSN program with a specialty in nursing education would you suggest also being certified? It just sounds redundant? I could be wrong but, after completing a Masters program in nursing education should I consider this?
  14. Relocating to Southeastern Michigan - Help

    I know washtenaw discontinued their LPN program years ago and I don not think thet reinstated it. Wahtenaw does however have a RN program. In Michigan most LPN's are not hired in at hospitals so think about that. Rn would be the way to go if a hospit...
  15. Garden City Hospital, What's your opinion?

    What did I mean! I am an ICU nurse and when working there per-diem I gave report to a floor nurse!! That in all aspects is WRONG. The floor nurse is a different aspect of care and so is ICU how can this be safe? the answer is its NOT.